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For a complete of software and their current revisions, please Click Here


Mobile Phone Tools, or MPT - The official Motorola Phone Software and by far the simplest program to use. It will ensure that all ringtones show up in the phone as soon as the uploading is done. Most recent version is 5.13a

P2Kman - Very simple to use as well -- homepage (requires free signup to access downloads)

Motokit - Another simple interface to upload ringtones.

P2kTools - Not so simple as P2kMAN, but have many features. Latest version is here.

P2kCommander - Just like TotalCommander homepage


moto4lin - use for seem editing, uploading/downloading files, etc. [1]


moto4lin -OSX port of moto4lin [2], see also the following posts from hofo: [3] and [4]. Summary: Precompiled binary for moto4lin available here: [5], also requires Qt3.3 [6].

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