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I have a Motorola V710 and want to back up my phonebook/contact list onto the memory chip (microSD) so I can save it on my computer. I have lost a phone before and still haven't been able to recover all my numbers and don't want it to happen. How do I get my contact list to save on the micro SD chip?


I have a boostmobile, i415, and I cannot access voice-mail. It tells me password is invalid. Ever since I bought the phone, I cannot usu voice-mail. I have already setup my mailbox? KD -- 03:57, 2 April 2007 (EDT)


I have a Motorola W755 but I can't find any information about it including any information on a "W" series? Search also yields no results... Is w755 a proprietary model or is there just no information about this model on the wiki. Would love to see an update somewhere covering this. Thanks to those who know so much more.

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