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When OTA programming does not work for an unlocked handset, you can program the handset manually.

  • Call Page Plus Customer Service to get the following information.
    • Mobile Number (MDN)
    • MSID (MIN)
    • Home SID
    • Home NID
  • Enter the code to get into the programming menu (see sections below).
    • Note: 000000 may not work if the handset is locked. Substitute MSL/SPC code.
  • Enter the following into the handset
    • Mobile Number (MDN)
    • MSID (MIN)
    • Home SID
    • Home NID
  • Reboot the handset
  • Update the PRL OTA by entering *228 Option 2
  • Make a random call to complete the activation.

Source(s): Verizon Handset Manual Activation


8330: enter "##000000"


Centro: enter "#*#000000#"

Pixi Plus



Turn on the phone, enter 74663 # clr clr
(you must enter this without any delays or it will not work)
Change MDN, MIN, and SID

Source(s): Verizon Handset Manual Activation


ACTIVATE MOTOROLA DROID on PAGE PLUS - Direct and manual programing
After my 48 hours crazy experience on activating my droid to page plus -
I just would like to share this to everyone. You don't need to thank me -
part of this is also compilation fr
in this forum. Plus admin willing this can be a sticky -
make member easy to activate their droid.

Some people can activate their droid OTA and these are the steps:

Turn Droid off.
Call PagePlus Add ESN - Activate new ESN or Port (this is the best time,
if you want to port your number)
Check Verizon's Port Checker.
Wait til it says it's complete.
Once it's "Complete", Turn Droid on.
Press Activate - Option 1
Phone will Activate and viola ?

But my DROID cannot be activated this way I have to do manual programing.
But before that if you need to by pass the activation screen this is what you need to do:

At starting screen touch corners of the screen clockwise
start from Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Right, Bottom Left.
Do not touch the the DROID icon

Call your PP dealer or customer service and say you want to sign up with PP.
Give your ESN / MEID - remember if you want to port your old number this is the good time.
Ask them your MIN and phone number(MDN)
**PP CS, they will ask you to press activate or *22890 or *228 Opt 1 which mine didn't work.
If you ask them you want to manual program you DROID phone they CAN NOT/DO NOT want to help.
But no problem !!!.
Just complete the call and say you will program it by your self
(make sure the account is active).

ON your phone
Pass the activate screen (see above)
Go to phone mode
dial ##PROGRAM (##7764726) hit Send (CALL BUTTON)
put in the SPC code which "000000" (six zero) press VERIFY
Next screen, Go to selection "01 User Activation"
Replace the MIN number with the MIN number that you get from PP.
Replace the MDN number with your new PP phone number that you get from PP.
Exit and your Phone will restart automatically.

And you are ON PP.

I hope this will make people live easier. HAPPY PP everyone.
ADVICE - careful on using your DATA 20/50MB will run so fast -
use WIFI when ever you can.


Dial: # # 0 7 3 8 8 7 * , press Send/Dial.
SPC Check pops up, and it says Enter Security Code.
ENTER: 0 0 0 0 0 0 (6 0s)
First Screen: User Activation
Second Screen: NAM1
Third Screen:
-IMSI_11_12: 00

Source(s): Verizon Handset Manual Activation


Droid Incredible 2

   Get your ESN changed by going here:
This will give you MIN
- Factory Reset the mobile. I had to do this.
- Bypass activation screen:
- Click on activate, when it dials activation, immediately press "END" in the screen. Do this 3 times to see "skip"
- Dial: ##778, Press Dial
- Select: Edit Mode
- Enter Security/PassCode: 000000
- Open: "Nam Settings"
- Change MIN1 with last 7 digits of your MIN(If you used the above link, you would have got it through email. Or kittywireless has a page where you can get free status)
- Change Min2 with first 3 digits of Min.
- Don't worry about entering MDN, it will be disabled, but phone works anyway.
- Press "Menu" on bottom of the device and select "commit"
- Phone reboots
- Update the PRL OTA by entering *228 Option 2
- Make a random call to complete the activation.
- You are good

Source(s): Verizon Handset Manual Activation


To Program any Samsung Verizon Phone: +Go to Menu > Settings (may be listed as settings & tools depending on software version)

+Press the * Key (to the left of zero / 0)

+Enter the Service Programming Code (a.k.a. SPC, MSL, SEC) This code is usually 000000 for most Verizon phones, but if it was purchased prepaid you may have to get it from Verizon. Try 000000 first though.

+Go to Network Settings You will now be in the programming menu. Enter the information as it pertains to the field indicated. +When you have entered all of the programming information, press END.

The device will now reset and save the programming information

SCH-i730 & i760

Dial **772
It should ask for Service Code, enter 000000
If you now see Service Mode
Press the center button 2 times
Press center button
Press center button
Press center button twice.

Samsung SCH-N330

Turn on the Handset

Depress the key for Menu

Select Setup Icon (9)

Select Display (5)

Enter *587846

Navigate to the right and enter the MDN

Navigate to the right and enter the MIN

Navigate to the right to enter the home SID

Depress the END key

The phone will power off and then power back on.

Source(s): Verizon Handset Manual Activation

Casio Boulder

To go into the Service Programming menu:

Dial ##7764726 (Spells the word "program" with your keypad) -> press SEND

Enter 000000 for the SPC


Main Method: ##7764726(Model Number) [Model Number can be 4 digits or 5 digits; for example: 9900, 11000 (MAKE SURE MODEL NUMBER = YOUR MODEL NUMBER)]

Alternate Method: Menu, and then 0.

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