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Manually Programming the Phone

- Note: When you enter [email protected],
- replace mobilenumber with you actual 10 digit mobile number.
- Note: The SPC/MSL code on Postpaid phones is 000000
- Enter ##SPCCODE Talk (ex. ##000000 Talk)
- Press the Menu button and click Edit BB REG ID and Enter your SID (a unique 5-digit number that is assigned to each carrier by the FCC), press Menu, select Save...
- In BB REG IDs in List, highlight the number that is not your SID and press the Menu button, click Delete
- Press the Menu key and select Close
- Enter your phone number in the Mobile Directory Number field.
- Enter your MIN in the IMSI_S field.
- Enter your SID in the Home SID field
- Further down on programming screen SIP User ID is [email protected]
- SIP Password is vzw
- If there is another field that contains an email address, replace it with [email protected]
- At the very bottom you should see DMU MN Auth, set it to 00111111
- Press the Menu button and select Save
- Phone should restart -

Source(s): Verizon Blackberry's on Page Plus

Enabling Blackberry Browser & Maps and MMS

Service Book (confirmed working on OS 5.0 March 31, 2010):

1) Enable Legacy Mode using one of the following methods (you must be in Options -> Advanced Options -> Service Book):
- On the Storm, press and hold num button until it locks. You will see the lock. Then press 4?2?
It should show Legacy Enabled.

2) Open Blackberry Desktop Manager and load the Service Book.
a) Go to Backup and Restore.
b) Click Advanced.
c) Click File and select Open.
d) Choose the Service Book you downloaded above, click Open.
e) In Computer Databases section, click Service Books and click the >> button.
f) When prompted, select Yes.
g) You should now be using the modified Service Books.
Note: Sometimes a battery pull is needed for the modified Service Books to work.

Source(s): Blackberry Browser

Backing up your BB before editing

Q (user17601): What program and process do you use to extract the PRL from your BB. I can see PRL load in QPST, but no way to back up/save a PRL.

A (flipit): when you use QPST on the Berry, Read it, then save file, when you save file it saves 2 files. the one with rl0 extension is actlually a PRL, just rename it.

or use QXDM and send SPC then send

pr_list_rd 0 "C:\test.prl"

that command will read the PRL from the phone and save it to the C Drive with a name of test.prl. Rename the PRL to what it is. On a berry, #4357* TALK will show you the version of the PRL.

Source(s): Source Code solutions

Other tools for BB

- - Data usage monitor: - - Email without BIS: - - Alternative build for funambol (drops email into BB inbox):

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