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This segment is also mirrored on the T-Mobile Data article.


T-Mobile APNs

Service Access Point Name (APN)
*NEW* T-Mobile Internet (all current plans) epc.tmobile.com
T-MobileWeb wap.voicestream.com
T-Mobile Total Internet internet2.voicestream.com
T-Mobile Total Internet with VPN
(Virtual Private Network)
T-Mobile SideKick hiptop.t-mobile.com
(This has been shut down on May 31, 2011.)


All APNs have access to T-Mobile's EDGE Network without any additional configuration or charge from T-Mobile. There are no noteable speed differences between any of the APNs except the latency inherent to any wireless packet-switching network.

epc.tmobile.com APN

This is the new standard APN for all current T-Mobile data services, including the Sidekick. Vvvvm

Total Internet

The grandfathered Total Internet service allows direct access to the internet with no need to use a WAP/HTTP proxy. In addition there are no port restrictions however IP addresses are still asigned based on NAT. Example: 10.x.

Total Internet with VPN

Same as Total Internet except that the Dynamic IPs assigned are externally addressable to allow for VPN and other direct access type applications. Example: 208.x.x.x You must specifically request "with VPN" support when adding this service otherwise you will only receive the Internet APN. And its free


Same as T-Mobile Internet with the additional support for the BlackBerry products. The internet portion of this service may be used on non-BlackBerry devices as a substitute for T-Mobile Internet. Many have had success using this data plan instead of the Total Internet package when they do not need or want the HotSpot portion of the service.


Previously known as T-zones. This is T-Mobile's APN for WAP access using the WAP Gateway. This is the APN you must use in order to access any WAP site. IP addresses are assigned based on NAT. Example: 25.x.x.x T-Mobile also employs port restrictions to limit internet access on devices such as smartphones. See also proxy.


Similar to T-Mobile Internet with the additional support for the SideKick device. In the past this service only worked with Sidekicks. Set username and password both to blank, 'dummy', or 'guest'.

Vodafone Portugal (VF-PT) APNs

Vodafone Internet

Tested on Nokia N85, using APN "internet.vodafone.pt"

This was also tested on MAC OS X using a Blackberry Bold (9000). → Install the Blackberry Desktop → System Preferences. RIM Composite Device → Advanced → Modem, Vendor: Research In Motion. Model: Blackberry IP Modem (GSM). APN: internet.vodafone.pt. CID: 1.

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