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SIM options

The instructions say to buy an AT&T compatible, not a T-Mobile compatible, SIM card, but I'm finding only T-Mobile compatible SIM cards offered for sale by StraightTalk. What now?

check out the IMPORTANT INFORMATION section recently added to the wiki.... looks like trouble ahead, or it is just a case of waiting till supply increases....

StraightTalk APN

The old profile doesn't work for data any more, it is TMOB specific, StraightTalk specific link: Just downloaded and checked... The att version: has the correct settings.

Straight Talk APN update service

StraightTalk now has a server set up that can update the APN settings for an iPhone. This could be used instead of the website.


How do I update my iPhone APN settings?

If you have an AT&T compatible iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 or 4S running iOS 4.0 or higher you may click on the link below and we can attempt to update your APN settings. This link may not work based on limitations and configuration settings you may have on your iPhone, please contact the manufacturer or point of purchase for further support regarding your phone. Your phone must be connected to Wi-Fi in order to continue.

   1 .While on Wi-Fi, open Safari and type in
   2. Tap Install.
   3. Tap Install Now.
   4. Enter your pass code if prompted.
   5. Tap Done.
   6. At this point you can exit your browser, turn off Wi-Fi, and re-boot your phone.
   7. With Wi-Fi off, access Safari to ensure your data connection is working.

Please note that this will not enable MMS (Multi-Media Messaging) and we do not support this service for iPhone customers. By clicking this link you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions

I need help.

The MMS still won't work. I'm not sure what's wrong with it.

Could someone email me at [email protected] to help me out?

Thanks for the help!!

I was able to use unlockit to set the apn for straight talk then got ibackupbot from the app store for free and edited my backup of preferences.plist to change wep.cingular to att.mvno then replaced the contents of mmsoveride plist with the contents in your article and now have all of straight talk working; phone, data AND mms on both my jailbroke ios ver 5.01 3gs as well as my wife's unbroken ios ver 5.10!! Best yet it was totally free!! Thanks for the help! It took a bit of head scratching to figure out but in the end it was easy AND free! Thanks again! Chris.

MMS Proxy

MMS Proxy: = They are the same, nslookup of =


You must use the "AT&T MVNO" APN; it doesn't use a proxy which can block things like and generally has higher latency -- but you won't see the difference until you remove the "Straight Talk" APN, then reboot, then "reset network settings" (which sets all APNs back to factory settings), reboot again, and install the "AT&T MVNO" APN.

The settings offered by the unlockit site are different from the Straight Talk settings (but the difference is in hidden settings in the APN files which you cannot see without accessing the actual APN file with an an editor which allows you to see the entire APN file), including mms proxy settings.. and the "no proxy" option of AT&T MVNO doesn't have the mms settings.... MMS won't work on an non-jailbroken phone anyway as the settings don't take...

If you really want to do some research, you can look at the settings that they publish on the site:

[US AT&T MVNO (With Proxy)] [US AT&T MVNO] [Straight Talk]

Many people find that the download speed test doesn't work for them after installing the "Straight Talk" APN from unlockit. And as stated above, the way to fix it is to remove the "Straight Talk" APN, then reboot, then reset all network settings, reboot again, and then install the "ATT MVNO" APN.

On my Iphone 3g it just works once!!!

I'm glad to find this instructions. They are as clear they can be. I have a problem though, I have a not jailbreak Iphone 3g. I followed the instructions and changed the settings to be able to send/receive MMS pictures. The issue is that I'm able to send or receive just one MMS, somehow it resets itself to the previous settings. I go through the steps again and it works, just one time.

Any ideas? Please!

ask on

MMS question and little data question as well...

hello, been on straight talk for a while now but i just noticed that once i restart my phone the mms quit working (and yes i set them up through the tmobile sim card trick), is there a profile out there to do this automatically or do i have to repeat all the steps each time?

also, why is it that data goes super slow at times?

iPhone 5

Which methods work for iPhone 5?

Well, with evasi0n... Jail breaking 6.1.2 works...

iphone 4S ios 6.0.1

I have not been able to get data services from ST on my locked AT&T iPhone (only voice service works). Questions: 1. Has anyone been successful with ios 6.0.1 on a locked phone? 2. I tried the SIM switch, with the SIM from my verizon iPad. Should I go to the effort of getting a t mobile sim and trying that?

I would recommend doing the sim switch with the T-Mobile SIM. I have recently got the SIM swap method to work with my locked iPhone 4S running 6.0.1 on AT&T. Plus, you can pick up a T-Mobile SIM for $1 shipped, so it is not really a very big effort :)

iPhone 4S iOS 6.1.1 evasi0n 1.3 Jailbreak/ Straight Talk


Apple has rushed an update to iOS 6.1 (iOS 6.1.1) to address the 3G and battery drain issues on the iPhone 4s only. After updating to 6.1.1, it seems to be more stable so I went ahead and started my JB from scratch. Apparently after my TetherMe install my data seemed to be in and out. I checked on this howard forum and it seems that Straight talk has updated their APN settings yet I never got any word of it. Im assuming this is for the CDMA version of the iphone 5 that ST sells yet I'm running on a GSM iphone 4s. I have been using ST since the middle of last year with zero problems yet ever since iOS 6.1 and 6.1.1, evasi0n 1.3, and these new ST apn settings, Im reading about problems that are stacking up. Anyone else having this particular data/JB/update problem?

update 2/25/13

Not sure how many ppl follow this thread but i will continue to post on this wiki bc it is particular helpful. Still using my jailbroken 4s on ST. Updated to iOS 6.1.2 and rejailbroke with evasi0n 1.4. Using Google voice as my Visual VM. Actually I actually prefer google voice to iphone visual many more options. TetherME, CallBar, Stride all work without a problem. Ive had a few glitches here and there but its due to testing out new cydia packages. No problems with reception, Imessage, MMS, Data maybe a little but hardly worth mentioning. Going to upgrade to a iphone 5. A GSM version so i can bring my sim card, I will have to sim cutter to go from micro to nano sim size. I will buy this iphone 5 used and slap a 3rd party insurance asap. Prob Worth Ave or another highly rated insurance that covers even theft for not even a fraction of the cost of a new one iphone. Not sure why more ppl dont use this. I find that the battery does wear down a little faster but i think its bc we are using our phones more than we think and for that i will be buying a UNU lithium battery pack for 30$ (reg 80$) thru some promo they have recycling old..and i mean old lithium ion batteries..AAA AA and phone batteries to cure my problem of ever running out of power. Hope this helps.-----mexicajun

iphone 3gs!

Okay so its 3/4/2013 and they no longer sell att sim cards at straight talk, just tmobile ones. So I got that one with the 45 month thingy which is coming in like 2 days. Also I am buying a 3gs iphone tomorrow can I still use the t mobile sim if I unlock and jailbreak? If so how? Because every time I google how to do this I get the older wiki page that says only get the att sim card, which obviouslly I cant anymore, thanks

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