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NameStraight Talk
ParentAmérica Móvil
HeadquartersMiami, Florida
TechnologyCDMA, GSM

Straight Talk is a divison of TracFone, providing prapaid cellular service on the AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint network.



Straight Talk uses the AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint network depending on the phone. Phones with model numbers ending in G run on either AT&T or T-Mobile, ones ending in C run on Verizon except the Straight Talk Android phones which run on Sprint.

The official coverage area can be found here. For a short while, Straight Talk published a coverage map separated by the 4 networks, but that is no longer on their web site. An archive of that map can be found here

For Straight Talk phones using the Verizon network, the coverage area is more comparable to the Verizon Prepaid coverage and is not the full Verizon postpaid coverage area. For phones using the Sprint network, the coverage area is comparable to the Sprint prepaid network (ie. VMUSA or Boost Mobile). For phones using the AT&T or T-Mobile network, coverage is comparable if not better than contract customers on those 2 networks.


Service Plans

Straight Talk currently offers two service plans. $30/30-day 1000 mins, or $45/30-day unlimited.


The internet is unrestricted on Straight Talk, you can visit any website that is compatible with the browser on your phone. The $30 plan has 30MB of data for surfing, which should be enough for casual access. The $45 plan has "unlimited" data for surfing. Their Terms and Conditions restricts many activities on cellular data including streaming videos and music (audio).

Ported Number Problems

If you cannot access the internet on your phone, try going to StraightTalk Mobile Web and put in your phone number. If you get the following error message: "There was a problem authorizing your account. Please contact our Customer Care Center at 1-877-430-CELL." then there is a problem on their end. They couldn't figure out MIN/MDN differences when creating accounts and enabling internet.

First: You must call StraightTalk and report your problem. "Master Reset" will not work, manually programming your phone will not change anything. The rep must escallate the call to their main office in Miami. Once they fix the problem, the StraightTalk Mobile Web site will work, and you will then see Ringtones and Graphics for sale.

Next: Once StraightTalk fixes their end, you must now change your WebSessions to use the proper User ID. You must change the User ID from your MIN to your MDN (the number people call you on). This will allow you access to the internet.

Source(s): internet solutions


These are the proper WebSession settings for Motorola V3a/W385 phones. Please note that your User ID can NOT be your MIN, it must be your MDN!

Name: DST
Homepage: http//tfdevice.home
User ID: (Your 10 Digit MDN)
Password: G00DKarma01
Gateway IP 1:
Gateway 1:
Service Type 1: HTTP
Port 1: 8080
E2E Port 1: 0
LXL Port 1: 0
Domain 1:
Gateway IP 2:
Gateway 2:
Service Type 2: HTTP
Port 2: 0
E2E Port 2: 0
LXL Port 2: 0
Domain 2:

Cache Start-Up: On (Store)

BREW Config

Found online. The phone definitely has get it now menu available. Make a phone call, then hit "Options" then "Get it now". Maybe this will work?
To get GIN working, try opening up your BREW file in PST. Make sure all of the values are as follows:

AEE Auth. = SID
AEE P.P. = BREW or Carrier
Test Allowed = unchecked
MIN for SID = checked
ADS Type = Commercial
Carrier ID = 200
Platform ID = 8084
Check Prepay = unchecked
Prepay phone = unchecked (grayed out)

-Primary =
-Secondary =

OEM Programmed B-Key = 00000000000000000000000000000000
ADS Commercial Server URL =,
ADS Test Server URL =,
Key Use = B-Key

Features in Brew Verison 2
-No Auto ACK = unchecked
-Disallow Dormancy = checked



- For ST phones on Verizon, you can send email via text message to your phone by using the following address: (Your Phone Number)
- For ST phones on Verizon, you can also send pictures and audio to your phone by using the following address: (Your Phone Number) - If you're tired of hearing your airtime info every time you place a call, text OFF to 54676. It apparently takes 3-5 days to process. - Go To The Code Entry Mode And Type In *#00# And Click Okay Then Using The Up And Down To View The Rest Of The 200 Program Codes. Jam Tangan Murah timbangan Penumbuh Rambut Bisnis Modal Kecil Berita Terbaru

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