Samsung SCH-A950

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Samsung SCH-A950

The Samsung SCH-A950 supports 850/1900MHz CDMA EVDO frequencies, as well as VCAST Music.



The Samsung A950 is being shown as a music-phone by Verizon Wireless. It has multimedia keys and a scroll wheel for MP3s on the outside, stereo speakers, and a MicroSD slot to go with it's MP3 Player. Other features include EV-DO, VCast, VCast Music Download Service, a megapixel camera with video capture, dual color displays, an internal antenna, and speakerphone.

The latest software version (a950.YI03) has MP3 support in the media player.

Source(s): Samsung solutions


  • Dimensions: 3.59" x 1.91" x 0.95"
  • Weight: 4.55 oz
  • Battery Life
    • Talk: up to 3.75 hours
    • Standby: Up to 200 hours
  • Main LCD: 176x220
    • Wallpaper size: 176x184
  • Front LCD: 128x96

Source(s): Samsung solutions

MP3 Ringtones

  • Download and install this, its the LAME ACM codec
  • Convert the MP3 to a wave file (either the clip you want to use for the ringtone or the whole MP3)
  • Open Sound Recorder in Windows
  • If you converted the whole MP3, you will need to use the 'Delete before current position' and 'Delete after current position' functions to cut down the MP3 to about 30 seconds
  • Go to File-Save As, type in a filename you want, make sure it ends in .mid (you probably will need to type the filename in quotes so that it uses the .mid extension and not .wav)
  • Click on Change, choose MPEG Layer-3 from Format and choose whatever quality you want under Attributes (I used 44110 Hz, 128kbps CBR, Stereo and it sounds really good)
  • Click on Save
  • Copy the file to your TransFlash card under the MY_SOUNDS folder
  • Put card back into the phone, go to menu, Get It Now, Get Tunes and Tones, My Sounds
  • Find the file you just copied, and do Options, Move so that it moves it to the phone (if you leave it on the card, it takes too long to load and it probably won't play when someone calls)
  • Set it as a ringtone

It might be possible to copy the file right to the phone with BitPim under brew/16452/ms, it may end up freezing the phone, not sure.

Source(s): Samsung solutions

Hidden Menus

System Info Menu

  1. Under the Settings & Tools menu hit # and you will be prompted with a User Lock.
  2. Type in 000000 this will bring you into the System Info menu.

Source(s): Samsung solutions

Param Editor

  1. Follow the directions above to get into System Info menu.
  2. Once in System Info hit 0 and you will be prompted with a User Lock.
  3. Type in the code 8886573982 and that will bring you into the Prama Editor.

So far you can only get into the Build Version menu, the other two do not let you go into them.

Memory Card

  • The A950 supports additional memory with a transFlash / microSD memory card slot on the phone.
  • The phone supports up to a 1GB card.

Source(s): Samsung solutions


Does the USB cable charge the phone?

No, but many cables allow you to plug the Handset charger into the the USB cable.

What are the resolution of the pictures that the camera can take?

  • 1280x960
  • 640x480
  • 320x240
  • 160x120
  • Picture ID (128x96)


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