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Setting Wizard

  • Setting Wizard is an application to configure your S60 device with operator-specific configurations (GPRS, MMS, etc.). It includes all countries and operators worldwide in one download, and is available for both older and newer S60 devices. Download to your PC, install with Nokia Phone Suite then run.

VOIP and Instant Messaging

  • Gizmo VOIP/IM from Nokia is an application to do VOIP calling and instant messaging directly from the addressbook of your S60 handset. VOIP options include ability to always use wifi to place calls (when available) and free calling between any other Nokia phone, Nokia Nxxx tablet or Mac/Win/Lin computer running the Gizmo software. IM networks supported include MSN, Yahoo, AIM and Myspace. This software can be installed directly from the web site.

Mobile Search

  • Mobile Search from Nokia is an application to access search features of Yahoo! online via your S60 handset. Low-res only.


  • Lifeblog is Nokia's premier storyboard for your mobile life. Building web-ready content from your messages, photos, voice memos, and more. New version supports publishing to TypePad but not all XMLRPC/Atom-compliant weblogs. (e.g. it doesn't work with Typo, my weblog server of choice ;) --Emory 09:46, 22 Apr 2006 (EDT))


  • ActiveSync is the protocol used to directly synchronize with Exchange 2003 servers, without needing/using the desktop Nokia PC Suite software. This is an installable package for S60 3rd Edition devices(not the N80) ,to add and enable those features with your handset. Direct download can be started here, you must register and accept a EULA in order to proceed.

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