S60 Reset and Formatting Codes

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Reset and Formatting Codes

(useful for when phone is having issues. Make backups before attempting)

Source(s): S60 Reset and Formatting Codes

Normal Reset

(*#7780#) : Restores ini files from rom but preserves user data (photos, 3rd party apps etc)

On my 6682, it responded by asking for a Lock code. A Nokia FAQ (http://www.nokia.com.au/nokia/0,,37167,00.html) said there was a factory default of "lock code (1234) and security code (12345)." On my phone, 1234 didn't work -- but 12345 did!
It's usually 12345, because security code has 5 digits.

Source(s): S60 Reset and Formatting Codes

Deep Reset

(*#7370#) : This reformats completely the C: drive. All applications and files stored on this drive will be lost and clean default files will be rewritten.

Source(s): S60 Reset and Formatting Codes

Full Phone Format

Works on most series 60; annotate here if it doesn't work on yours.

On my 6682, this didn't work. I tried three times.
Did not work on a 6085 with very low memory

If any of the problems listed below is happening to your phone:

  • Blank screen phone unable to boot-up.
  • Phone is only able to boot-up to "Nokia" screen (may flash "Nokia" 4 times also).
  • Install a program but unable to uninstall it.
  • Unable to delete certain files on C: drive.

Source(s): S60 Reset and Formatting Codes

--- WARNING: This will ERASE EVERYTHING on your phone ---

If you have any files that are important to you, make backups.

  1. Make sure you phone is fully charged.
  2. Backup your contacts list and personal files to MMC memory card (if possible).
  3. Switch-off your phone.
  4. Press and hold these three keys together:
    • Green dial key,
    • Star key (*)
    • Three key (3)
  5. Press the power on/off to switch on the phone.

Do not let go the three keys until you see the "formatting" screen displayed. After a few minutes, the format will be complete. Your phone will now be at its original factory settings.

  • it does not work on the E61/2/i
  • it does not work on the 3600 slide

it reset the phone but cant clear lock codes]

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