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Tips and Tricks

  • Pressing and holding menu brings up the application switcher built into Series 60. Once you have highlighted one of these apps, pressing 'C' will kill it, or pressing the select key will switch you to that app.


  • Pressing the power button once, from any screen, will bring up your profiles list; you can then scroll to the one you want and select it.
  • Lock the keys on your phone by pressing the left soft key, followed by the '*' key.
  • To check the WLAN MAC address type *#62209526# while the phone is in the idle mode (E61 and others)
  • On some newer phones (e.g. Nokia 6680), holding down the '#' key will activate silent mode. Holding it down again will re-activate general mode. Note that on Orange phones this switches between outgoing lines (it will ask you if you want to switch connection, even if you are only subscribed to one line)
  • Pressing and holding the "0" key will go the web browser ( tested on N75, 6650 Fold, 6620 )
  • To see info about your current data connection (works while connected), go to Tools->Connection Manager.
  • When you are writing/editing text, press and hold the pencil key. Then using the joystick/directional pad, scroll over the text to highlight it. Press the pencil key again, and you have the option to copy and paste text.
  • Press a keypad number when in your main menu, and it will select an app associated with that number (so for example, if you are in list mode, press '4' and it will press the 4th on the list; if you are in grid mode, press '4' and it will select the corresponding app on the grid).
  • Press the 'Send' key directly from the home screen, and it will take you to your call logs.
  • From the home screen, type *#06# to check your IMEI; type *#0000# to check your firmware version.
  • On the 668x series, if you press the button on the side meant for push to talk during a call, it will activate the speaker phone.
  • When in your contacts, pressing the 'send' key will call that contact if there's only one number. If there's more than one, it will bring up all the phone numbers for that contact to select from. By setting a 'Defaults' when editing the contact you can specify which number to use without having to select from all the numbers each time.
  • If a data app is frozen, it can be killed in a couple of ways: one way is to go to your connections dialog (as described above), and end the connection... this will kill the app. The other is to hold the 'end' button.
  • To find a feature of a built in phone app, use the left soft key, and scroll to help.
  • To select/mark individual text messages, files, pictures, videos, etc: scroll to the file you wish to select, hold the "Pencil" key, and move the arrows up or down. The files that you hold the Pencil key down for will be marked. This is easier than doing it by going to options.
  • From the home screen, type *#92702689# for lifetimer on most new Nokias [please give some working examples! does not work on 7610 or 6670b, does on 6620, 6680]. Example: Life timer: 000000:00 in Hours:Minutes. Works on: N95, N73.
  • In T9, if you press and hold the key, you'll get the number, rather than having to switch to numeric mode and back.
  • When composing a text message or email, press the green "call" button to immediately send.
  • Press and hold the right soft key to activate voice commands/dialing.
  • To free up memory on the phone you can setup all messages to save to the MMC card by going to settings from the messaging menu, then other, and change memory in use to the MMC (works on 6630 and 668X phones)
  • You can backup your contacts to the MMC card instead of the SIM to retain thumbnails, custom ringers, and multiple numbers per contact by marking all then copy > to memory card (works on all Series 60 phones except the N-Gage QD)
  • OE image viewer shortcut keys are as follows:
1 – rotate ccw
2 – scroll up
3 – rotate cw
4 – scroll left
5 – zoom in
6 – scroll right
7 – zoom & zoom to full screen
8 – scroll down
* – toggle full screen
0 – press to zoom out, hold to return to original size
up – scroll up when zoomed
left – previous photo, scroll left when zoomed
down – scroll down when zoomed
right – next photo, scroll right when zoomed
  • Bluetooth MAC Address from the main screeen press *#2820#. Sample: Bluetooth device address: 0123456789abcdef
  • WLAN (pertaining the N80 users guide, but may be for other Series60 phones that will use 3rd Edition, Symbian OS 9.1a with WiFi). When you activate the Offline profile, you can still use wireless LAN. To check the unique MAC address for your device enter #62209526# in the idle screen.
  • When browsing the net, some forms don't have the "submit" button. A PC user would just hit "Enter" on the keyboard to submit. Try pressing "0" 3 times.

(Special Thanks to everyone that participated in this thread on hofo for all of these tips)

4 ways to speed up Series 60 handsets. Some of this seems made up but try it for yourself.

1-In the log set it to 10 or if possible 1 day. The more days its set too the slower it seems to be.

2-Default themes are always good.

3-First go to your To-do List.

Make a note and input as follows

Subject: Speed

Due Date: 01-29-2005(mm-dd-yy)

Priority: set to High

then press Done

Make a second note and input as follows

Subject: Qoukie

Due Date: 01-29-2005(mm-dd-yy)

Priority: set to Low

then press Done

Do not exit yet. Highlight the Speed note, select Options and Mark as done. Then highlight the Qoukie note, select Options and Mark as done.

Now, reboot your mobile.

4-If you have Symantec Mobile Security installed, disable auto-protect or uninstall the whole thing if you feel safe enough without it.]

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