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S60 Must Have Programs

(Add your program you think is a must have and what it does, in the format as show below):

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Expense Tracker for S60 3rd

Professional expense tracker and budget manager with your account balances, all transactions at a glance.
Your pocket MS Money and Quicken companion for Symbian phones

  • Scheduled/Memorized(Regular) Transactions. * Encryption. Password-protection. * Reporting tool with export to MS Excel * Split of Transaction across multiple categories * Back-up and Restore your financial data. * Support of multi-currencies transactions. * Export/Import of QIF files.

website: www.flyingbirdsoft.com

Source(s): S60 Must-Haves

SymSMB 3.50 for S60 3rd

The only software on Symbian platform that provides native wireless file access between mobile phone and computer. Should be included for each phone by phone manufacturer. No need to install anything on computer side. Bidirectional access: from phone to computer and from computer to phone. Supported Wireless protocols are: Wi-Fi, 3G, GPRS, Bluetooth, WiMAX, others. Supported computer operation systems are: XP, Vista, W2000, W2003, Linux, Mac. The latest shareware version can be downloaded from Telexy Networks Inc. website: www.telexy.com


A free file explorer that lets you manipulate and move files around within your phone, similar to Windows explorer on a home computer. Also has screenshot utilities, task killer, etc. (too many functions to name here). Can be found at the developers home page, GoSymbian.


This is a great program for chatting on AIM, MSN, or any other chat network you perfer. But only version 3.13 works on the 5.99 T-zones.

Other Recommendations

  • Emory wrote an article about what applications he finds useful on his N90 in the Apple-esque What's on my N90?


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