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Free Software!

(Lets get some free software links in here, but please, NO WAREZ! Links to copyrighted materials will be promptly removed.)

Money lite by FlyingBird Software


Money Lite is the free personal banking program which enables you to manage finances on your S60 3rd edition phone. You can always have up-to-date information on your financial situation, easily track your personal and business expenses, incomes and transfers and assign categories for the future finance activity analysis.

Source(s): Features support

Free Opera browsers for selected phones



  • Opera Mini Full HTML browser.Great speed and compression (Data Usage)


http://mini.opera.com/my (to download via wap Browser)

Source(s): Features support

Google Mobile

  • Google Local for Mobile Get Maps, Directions and Satelite shots all using your mobile and Googles powerfull mapping info (Data Usage)

http://img273.imageshack.us/img273/4341/sat0mr.jpg http://img342.imageshack.us/img342/4337/reg1vq.jpg

http://google.com/glm (to download via wap Browser)

Source(s): Google Mobile



  • S60Bible - a free Bible viewer for S60. Reads Bible+ files.


http://wap.virginradio.co.uk/ (to download via wap Browser)

  • MapViewGPS - Cool moving map (you can download free TIFF maps from the USGS, etc.) GPS application that can be used w/ OziExplorer waypoints, tracks, etc. Requires a Bluetooth GPS paired w/ your phone. There's also a pay version w/ more features.
  • Cell Track - CellTrack is a program to collect some phone information about the cell you are connected to - like the net monitor
  • OggPlay - OggPlay is a great open source MP3/Ogg/AAC player for S60/S80/UIQ that can be skinned to look like an iPod

http://symbianoggplay.sourceforge.net/pics/s60_oggplay.gif http://dialnice.info/temp/SS/ipogg2.jpg

  • ReadM 2.03 - ReadM for S60 is a reader for electronic books, which supports a variety of popular text and audio formats, including Aportis DOC, TCR, and MP3.
  • AvantGo 6.5 - AvantGo for S60 3rd Edition is a well known mobile off line browser. It allows you to view specially made version of websites offline.
  • Super GoBoy 1.2 - Super GoBoy 1.2 is a Gameboy Colour Emulator for Series 60. It allows you to play Gameboy ROMs right on your Symbian phone.

Source(s): Symbian phone solutions]

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