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Refill cards can be purchased at a number of places including:

  1. T-Mobile
  2. WalMart
  3. Target
  4. ebay

Many Howard Forum members like using or Calling Mart for refill cards. Normally, at least a 3% discount is given on T-Mobile refill cards and frequently, bonus codes are available giving an additional 3-5% off. Additionally, taxes are not added to the order. For example, if you purchase a $100 refill card locally and have an 8% tax rate, you'll actually pay $108. If you buy from, you can expect to pay as little as $92.15 (with the extra 5% discount).

A place to find current discount codes:

Current Refill cards are sold in different denominations with different costs per minute and expiration dates depending on the value of the card. A chart showing the minutes and expirations for the different values of the cards can be found here refill minutes chart.

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Gold Rewards

Once you apply $100 total to your T-Mobile ToGo account, you will achieve Gold Rewards status. The advantages of Gold Rewards are more minutes for your refills and adding any denomination refill gives you a one-year expiration. Be aware though that just having "Gold Reward" status does not automatically give you one year expiration. If you gradually add money to your account e.g. you get $10 included with your account when you start it and eventually you have $100 in your account you become a Gold Rewards subscriber. However, the only way to be Gold Rewards immediately and have one year expiration is to immediately put $100 on your account. Otherwise when you reach the Gold Rewards level you will have to make one more deposit of minutes before the one year expiration kicks in.

T-Mobile offers both Pay as you Go [~33c/min} and Pay by the Day {$1/day on days you make/get a call + 10c/min 7am-7pm all seven days; free nights; free T-Mobile to T-Mobile 24hrs}. But "Gold Reward" does not apply to PbtD, and it's not clear if the one year expiration on $100 refills does or not -- Support gives different answers at different times.

Source(s): Refills and Gold Rewards


Refills come in $10, $25, $50 and $100 denominations. The larger the denomination the cheaper the per minute rate. Gold Reward subscribers get 15% more value from minute deposits. There is no additional discount on $100 refill cards/PINs.

Please note that if you have attained Gold Rewards status and have a 10c per minute rate, the $50 refill will yield 500 minutes of airtime instead of 460 minutes. This is a legacy of the now defunct Rounding Bonus minutes algorithm. All other airtime refills yield the stated number of minutes.

There are two different types of refills, one is a refill using a regular "PIN" which you obtain from various sources; the other type of refill is a Fastcard® refill.

Source(s): Refills and Gold Rewards

Regular PIN Refills

With these cards you generally scratch a panel with silver grey material which reveals the "PIN" to recharge your account. This PIN can be in the form of a card with this information on it or it may be a PIN you get from a retailer that can generate prepaid PINs. You can also get PINs from such places as

If you want to carry such a PIN in your wallet for "emergency purposes", in case your account unexpectedly runs out of minutes, be aware that PINs obtained online from most (all?) sources are activated on purchase, and will expire in approximately 90 days. Produsen kereta mini,kereta mall, dan komidi putar terbaik di Indonesia

Fastcard® Refills

These cards may look similar to regular T-Mobile To Go refill cards, except that the card will say Fastcard® on it. Target® stores often put these cards on sale at very good discounts, such as $20 for $25, $40 for $50 or $80 for $100.

  1. There two types of Fastcard® refills for use with T-Mobile To Go:
    1. Plastic. The PIN is found by scratching off a gray or silver coating. Follow instructions on the card.
    2. Paper envelope. This is the new type and is very confusing - part of the instructions were copied incorrectly from the above old card. The PIN is 10 digits and you see it right there (no scratching.) You need to call 1-800-385-1977 within 90 days to activate it and get a real PIN of 14 digits. It'll ask you your T-Mobile To Go phone number but it is not attached to the PIN, i.e., you can use the PIN with another phone number. This 14-digit PIN does not expire. Once you get this number, hang up, unless you do want to refill it immediately into the phone number you just gave. The Fastcard® PIN will expire in 90 days. However, once you call to activate your Fastcard® PIN it will convert it into a regular T-Mobile To Go PIN. These PINs do not expire. Simply put: as long as you have a 14-digit PIN, you have nothing to worry about. (note: as of March 2008 it appears that the Fastcard® has been changed to no longer give out 14-digit PINs; see below)
  2. When you need to refill, call *8646 from your mobile handset or 1-877-778-2106 from regular phones to refill above 14-digit PIN(s) into your account. It is very straightforward, but read below if you have multiple PINs(from multiple refill cards).
  3. After you give the first PIN, the machine will prompt you for whether you have additional refill cards. This allows you to stack up multiple cards into a single refill and is usually a good thing to do. For example, if you have two $50 refill cards and you are not in Gold-Rewards yet, you should use this opportunity to add $100 into your account and get into Gold-Rewards immediately. If you add the second $50 card at another time, you won't get Gold-Rewards until you add one more refill after that.
  4. If you are not in Gold-Rewards yet, note, only a $100 refill will get you Gold-Rewards immediately, regardless of how much is already in your account. For example, if you have added $50 into your account so far. If you add another $50 card, you'll get only 3-months at the non-Gold-Rewards rate. If you add $100, you'll get the Gold-Rewards benefits with lots of bonus rewards. Use the bonus calculation program to find out the details.
  5. If you are in Gold-Rewards, you can add just a $10 card to roll all your minutes into the next whole year. As for how much and when to add, to get the best bonus, use the bonus calculation program. Generally speaking, the more money and earlier you add, the more bonus you get. The bottom line: T-Mobile To Go refill is far more complicated than you might have thought. Remember these four facts to make your life easier:
    1. The real refill PIN is 14 digits;
    2. You can stack up multiple refill cards;
    3. Only a $100 refill can get you into Gold-Rewards immediately;
    4. You get some bonuses when you refill.

Fastcard® Refills No Longer Give 14-digit PINs

  • As of March 2008 (discussed in this HF thread), it appears that the refill process has been changed to no longer give out the 14-digit PINs.

  • When you call, you are greeted with this message: The T-Mobile Fastcard Refill Center. For service in Spanish, press 2. Please listen carefully, as our refill redemption process has been improved. Your refill will now post automatically to your T-Mobile account after entering your mobile number and the PIN number from the refill card. There is no longer a need to write down any numbers, or talk to a live agent in order to refill your account.





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