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Motorola Generic QNC Instructions

Motorola's seem fairly easy. Using "RSD CDMA General 5.2.9" in Mobile IP. Set to Simple IP. In RTT enable QNC. Enter #0SETUP* MSL/SPC, goto Data Rates and set to 14.4. In RSD I think RTT section, in PPP username and password are qnc. I might have a typo or be forgetting something. You might need to edit SEEM 275a, 00f5, uncheck all the bits to force QNC.

To get 'Data Connection' under the Security menu: Edit seem 2742 offset 6A check bit 3 (as noted in Fixup's PP Step by Step post)

To get 'Web Sessions' under the Programming menu (#073887*): Edit seem 2742 offset 18 check bit 5

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