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Great service. *** this information is out of date. They have changed their pricing policy. i've heard it's 25c /min now ****

- Uses the Rogers network.
- 30 cents/min local phone calls; long distance is 30 cents/min
- $50/$50 have 6 month expiry; $100 has 1 year expiry
- simple, intuitive 611 menu
- The Sim card can be used in any unlocked GSM phone, or even Rogers-locked phones, despite what the petro-canada site says.
- The phones that they sell should themselves be unlocked.
- Voicemail is free to receive, and free to listen if you call your voicemail number from another phone. To call from another phone simply call your number and push pound(#).
- Text messages are 10 cents to send in Canada, 10 cents in the US, 25 cents outside of North America; and always free to receive.
- You should be able to speak to a representative on weekends and nights, unlike many prepaid providers.
- You can port a phone number from another company for free. This takes about an hour or two, but must done during normal business hours.
- You get 5$ starter airtime
- At the time of writing, there is NO U.S. Roaming option, and NO Internet (except for buying ringtones, wallpaper etc.) - At the time of writing, Airtime must be purchased at Petro-Canada gas station, theres is no way of doing it online or over the phone. You get 2 times the Petro-Points (reward points) for airtime purchases.

- Petro points can be used to purchase airtime:
- Petro Points --> dollar amount of airtime refill
- 24000 --> $15

Feedback: I just purchased the Petro-Canada Nokia 2610. I have had mixed results with the SIM:

  1. The SIM works in the 2610 just fine (of course).
  2. The SIM initially did not work in the Rogers w600i I purchased a couple of years ago. The phone just says 'Locked' (or something like that, I forget now). There is a text field where I'm guessing I could input an unlock code. I've never seen my w600i do this. Maybe someone could comment. I've never set a lock code for the w600i, but maybe there is a factory default setting that occurs when a new/different SIM is used? Maybe like a security/theft prevention lock code? Update: it was a phone lock code. The SIM works fine in the w600i.
  3. The SIM does work in the Rogers w300i I purchased a couple of weeks ago.
  4. The SIM does work in the unlocked Nokia e65 I purchased recently.
  5. The SIM does work in the unlocked Sony Ericsson k550i I purchased last year. [ link building service]
  6. Summary: It worked for me.

The SIM works in the first iPhone. Of course, there is no data plan, you have to use WiFi. Works in Rogers w810i as well. Basically, it works on all unlocked phones and rogers-locked phones.

Voice Quality... I had some mixed experiences. It does appear that voice might be a *tad* more garbled on occasion vs. a rogers SIM. Could be a temporary issue. It's not really noticeable [ accident attorney Visalia].

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