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Unlocking the full potential of the Nokia 6315i is very fun and very rewarding. It is such a great phone if you want an all inclusive phone. So, I'm going to jump right into the crap right now and show you how to start uploading stuff to your phone.

Source(s): Nokia solutions


The things you absolutely need are as followed:

  • Mini SD card and SD card plugin
  • A computer
  • An SD card reader (I just put the SD card into my digital camera and plug in my camera)

If you do not have one of these things then you may want to stop here and go get it.

Source(s): Nokia solutions


For music follow these instructions:

  • 1. Format your disk in the computer.
  • 2. Plug the disk back into your phone.
  • 3. Take it out again and plug it back into the computer.
  • 4. Download this software: [MP3 to WMA Converter]
  • 5. Convert the songs you want using the converter.
  • 6. Place the music in the "My_music" folder.
  • 7. Put memory back into your phone. It'll say "Adding Songs to your library" for a while.
  • 8. Press and hold the play button in the middle and you are able to play songs!

If you can't hear the music: Your phone may be set to all sounds off.

Note: Newer editions of the phone play MP3's.

Note: You may need to manually move files to the phone.

Source(s): Nokia solutions


This is freaking amazing and it took me about 2 hours to figure this out but this is the main reason for this post. Playing video on this phone is amazing and the compression makes videos so small but yet clear for the size of the screen. Here's how to do it:

  • 1. Format your disk in the computer. If you did this already skip to step #4.
  • 2. Plug the disk back into your phone.
  • 3. Take it out again and plug it back into the computer.
  • 4. Download (and maybe buy) this :3GP Video Converter
  • 5. In that tool, add the video you want to change and set these settings in the right hand box:
    • video codec: h263
    • video size: 176 x 144
    • audio codec: amr_nb
    • Channels: Mono (1)
    • Disable Audio: Flase
  • 6. In the "profile" box right under the main area, change it to: 3GPP2 - 3rd Generation.... (*.3g2)
  • 7. In the "destination box all the way at the bottom, set it to the drive that your card is (FOR EXAMPLE, MINE IS: F:\.) and add my_flix, to the end of it (So my FULL destination would be F:\my_flix\)
  • 8. Put your memory back into your phone and the video will be stored in My Flix.

Source(s): Features support

  • note: there seems to be a limit to how long a song file name can be for the Nokia to read it, so if you have followed the above steps and your song(s) don't show up, try shortening the file name.
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