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Use of these links require that you logged into the My T-mobile prior to utilizing these links.



Location to see your current and recent bills. Current bills are generally available a few days before the printer bill will arrive in your mailbox.

Minutes & used detail

Location to view any unbilled usage. Depending on site traffic you may need to reload this page one or more times for pages to display. It is not uncommon to receive a The page cannot be displayed error during peak hours or during times of maintenance.

Plan & Services

Source(s): T-Mobile

Phone & Accessories

T-Mobile's official links to T-Mobile handset information, specifications, guides, manuals, troubleshooting and the online store for purchasing accessories.


Preview content available for purchase from T-Mobile to personalize your handset. Content is available to select T-Mobile handsets. Most grey market phones are not supported and therefore are unable to purchase content from T-Mobile.

Source(s): T-Mobile

Communication Tool


Alerts are provided to T-Mobile USA by Infospace Mobile. Infospace Mobile also appears to supply some content to Yahoo! on their alerts.

Source(s): T-Mobile

Scheduled Alerts

Allows you to setup and manage T-Mobile Alerts. Alerts include AP News Headline, Sports, Movies, Fun, Horoscope, Lottery, Stocks, Weather.

Schedule Alerts are free to setup and are billed as any other text messages, either deducted from your usage allotment or charged the current per message rate and there currently is no limit to the number of alert you may setup.

On-demand Alerts

Same as On-demand Alert Codes with the added ability to create custom alert codes. These alerts are an additional cost of $0.20US per alert.

Download Phone Numbers

Source(s): T-Mobile solutions

Create Spam & keyword Filters

Allows you to set up filters to block, allow and redirect messages sent to either or [email protected]. This will not help block or otherwise prevent messages sent directly to your phone number directly. In order for this tool to be effective the messages must pass through the SMS-to-Email or MMS-to-Email gateway.

Additionally you are able to allow or block all messages sent to or [email protected] or only allow messages sent to [email protected].

On-demand alert codes

Listing of predefined On-demand codes. This is the same information provided by the scheduled alerts setup in an On-demend or by request format. While Scheduled Alerts are free to setup, these alerts cost $0.20US per alert requested.

Create nicknames

Use this tools to create nicknames for people you email using the SMS-to-Email Gateway on a regular basis. Rather than typing the full email address simply type the assigned nickname. The assigned nicknames are assigned on a per account basis. These are not shared with anyone, including additional lines of a shared or pooled minutes plan.

Create Group nicknames

Use in combination with nicknames to create a private distribution list with the same restrictions and limitations.

Group messaging

Send messages to multiple T-Mobile USA Postpaid numbers at one time.

Change my phone's e-mail address

Use this page to assign or change your chosen alias. The name you chose will result in all emails from from your handset via SMS or MMS to appear to come from [email protected] rather than

This service does not provide for an email address that can be accessed from any email client of any sort. All messages terminate at your handset unless other specified in the [#My T-Mobile#Create spam & keyword filters|filters].

Source(s): T-Mobile solutions

Access My Email

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Access Voicemail

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