Motorola V3c Tutorial: Flashing to Alltel User Interface

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This wiki was started so we could put together a basic, step by step tutorial for taking an untouched Verizon Razr, flashing it and then restoring all the things lost in the flashing process. A lot of what is in this tutorial will be taken word for word from pages and posts. No one is looking to take credit so if you see your own words, please be thankful that you are helping out your fellow modders and not mad that someone copied and pasted your stuff. This was figured out by lots of people and to thanks to all those who put the time and effort into doing that. The only problem is that for a person to mod and then fix their phone, they would have to sift through hundreds and hundreds of posts over lots of pages. If you are a noob then it becomes a bit daunting. That is where this wiki comes in. This is a collaborative effort so please add your knowledge base to this and improve it where it is needed! Please make your additions as "noob friendly" as possible! This needs your help…all your help!

Source(s): Motorola V3c Tutorial



As with any decision there are numerous pros and cons towards flashing.


  • Bluetooth Object Push (ability to transfer contacts/pictures/ringtones to another phone over Bluetooth)
  • Longer battery life (the Verizon UI uses excess power)
  • Low battery beep is silent in vibrate and silence modes
  • Phone can be charged on Apple Mac computers
  • Motorola User Interface (No more red bars)
  • Menu items can be reordered
  • Ability to skin the phone's menus (meaning changing the colors, pictures, etc etc)
  • Customizable home buttons (four arrows +2 soft keys and smart key)
  • "Vibrate then ring" profile without seem edits
  • Better music player (playlists, fast forward, pause, play with lid closed, plays mp3s. Interface is still a bit cumbersome. Doesn't support tags.) V3m users should consider using VIVO's firmware
  • Camera has more options aircon services
  • In Mobile Phone Tools (MPT), all options work and are enabled. (MMS, Calendar, Sync, Phone Book)
  • MPT internet connection (connects at 14.4, 1x, EVDO speeds)
  • Added "Battery Meter" display under "phone status" menu gives battery life on a scale of 1-6
  • Phone status bar no longer appears at bottom of phone on outside LCD (no covering up of time)
  • Text messages can be scrolled through from one message to next (no need exit a message to read the next) The V3M at least can scroll through texts from one to another without exiting to the text message list.
  • Larger font in Address Book.
  • Full use of the memory card (V3m)

Source(s): Motorola V3c Tutorial


  • Voided warranty (if Verizon finds out that it has been flashed). However, the phone CAN easily be flashed back to an out of the box condition to reverse this.
  • The phone could be rendered useless if not done properly
  • Updates over *228 can cause problems (will disable data services on the phone for some users, PRL updates can always be transfered from other verizon users)
  • Buggy interface (mostly fixable but still some bugs numerous seem edits required to get EMS working easily.)
  • Search Function in phone book only jumps or finds, (Verizon UI combines the two together)
  • No full screen picture mode (pictures only take up about 2/3rds of screen)
  • No picture editing (crop, resize, draw, limited zooming ability)
  • No Fun frames
  • Pictures taken w/camera don't fit screen well (stretch slightly pixelates them)
  • Wallpaper browsing is single-image-only instead of VZW's thumbnail view
  • No "World Clock"
  • No "Note pad" aircon smelly
  • "Missed Calls" menu is no longer there, all calls are lumped together under "Received Calls" Note: This isn't necessarily a con, you can see if the calls were missed or not by looking at the check marks next to the number. Also, when you look at your phone after a missed call, it will say how many you missed.
  • When replying to other Verizon customers' text messages, the Delivery Confirmation Report defaults to "Yes" (Defaults to "No" on 'ALT_V3M_01.1A.00R_PRIkk27390_MONSTER_01' Firmware)
  • Font Size is bigger than Verizon GUI although this isn't necessarily a problem
  • VZ Navigator cannot be used. [Actually on my v3m with NCR_01.1A.00R(V3m Alltel flash) it works just fine.]
  • To use recorded sounds as a ringtone, the sound must be sent to a fake number and saved from the sent message in the outbox. As well, in the Verizon interface, any recorded sounds as ringtones are very light and can barely be heard.
  • GIN / Mobile web must be fixed via wiki instructions
  • GIN missing icons web must be fixed via wiki instructions
  • Text messages: inbox and outbox limited to 50-60 messages before seem edit which allows 100+
  • Sound might not work while playing VCAST videos (see FAQ)
  • (Alltel 03 firmware only) Reported loss of bluetooth connection to hands free device
  • (Alltel 03 firmware only) Moble web times out upon initial access

Source(s): Motorola V3c Tutorial

Some things that can be accomplished without completley re-flashing

  • Outside lcd changes (applys to all firmwares via a seem edit)
  • Edit "Verizon wireless" banners from inside and outside (applies to all firmwares via a seem edit)
  • Reenable MPT compatibility (applys to Verizon .03 firmware via a seem edit)
  • Free WAP (all firmwares).
  • VZW .02 firmware has basic OBEX file transfer support (no PUSH).
  • "Vibrate THEN' Ring" enabled (applys to Verizon firmware via a seem edit) **no vibrate AND ring function that is known of yet**
  • Enable "Call Guard" (applies to all firmwares via a seem edit)
  • Enable various built in ringtones (all firmwares via a seem edit)
  • Change Verizon Menu Themes (You can change the colors/pictures of the menu system, just not the menu itself)

Source(s): Motorola V3c Tutorial

Items needed

  • A 'USB-A to Mini-B' cable to connect the phone to your computer. (Many digital cameras come with these cables so you may already have one! If not, look below.)
  • Mobile Phone Tools (MPT) Available from online stores and eBay. Be sure to run live-update to at least version 3.28 if you're on dial-up. If you're on broadband you might as well continue updating until you have version 4.0.4. Hint: You have a better chance to find MPT in Web sites using non-English languages. There is an international version of MPT 4.0 available. Don't download the 3.11 version from the web, it cannot be upgraded. The 3.40i version is not good and won't work with your v3c. (This isn't necessary for flashing the firmware --pfn)
  • Motorola Phone Support Tools(PST) - Version 7.2.3 is recommended. For the v3m, 7.2.5 works much better, as it works with the MMS function. This program is not available for legal download to the public. You can find most anything on the Internet these days though. Read this thread to learn more about PST. Google torrent files seems to be an effective way. If you don't know what torrent files are, consult here. It requires a system reboot after it is installed, so be sure to have it installed and ready to go.
  • A flash file
    • Alltel (ALT_V3c_04.04.00R) for the V3c - Link 1
      (Differences between first two located here)[1]
    • Alltel (ALT_V3c_04.06.00R Monster Pack) for the V3c - Link 1
      (This is a MONSTER PACK, which means you'd need to use #0setup* to enter the 'Extended NAM' and enter in your NAM 1 settings: MIN - which is your unique Verizon 'routing number'. I got this from a Verizon rep when I told them I couldn't do *228 to update my phone when I got my number changed... You might also be able to get this number from your phone now, before doing the flash. MDN - this is your phone number, area code first. CDMA Sys ID - I'm not sure if you really need to enter this, but I did.. Mine was 170, but I think it varies by area... I heard somewhere that this is also automatically obtained, so you might not need to enter it.
    • If you use a MONSTER PACK, like this one, it completely wipes out EVERYTHING Verizon related... I have not tried getting any of the below fixes, because I am not interested in stuff like 'Get it Now'. I just wanted the red Verizon UI GONE! And it did a wonderful job. Phone works great, and there are no traces of ANYTHING Verizon!
  • Drivertool (BVRP's
  • Bitpim 0.8.08 (This isn't required for flashing the firmware, you can get by with using P2KCommander)

Source(s): Motorola V3c Tutorial


Most of this was taken from an instructions page that CMOSCHIP put up so all credits go to him. To see the complete instructions, please visit that excellent page.

  • Make sure your phone is charged and everything is working.
  • Go to Get It Now and browse a few catalogs just to make sure.
  • If the Razr has never been used, make sure you perform the OTA programming via *228, option 1.
  • If you run into problems please read the FAQ section at the bottom of this page.
  • If you’ve had the Razr, perform a PRL update via *228, option 2.

After doing this, NEVER do a *228 update again because it WILL break all of the data functions that are going to be fixed here. For updating the PRL when flashed to Alltel, see the FAQs at the bottom.
If you flash to Alltel 4.04 never touch Tetris in Get It Now (let alone running it) because this will prevent Get It Now from being fixable.

  • Plug in the USB cable into the computer (not a hub) and then run BVRP's Driver tool (Drivertool).
  • Now plug in your phone and let it find the drivers you just installed. Do this step even if you have already installed a moto driver as this gives you the latest driver. Some previous drivers utilize the USBSER.SYS driver from Windows which causes communication issues during larger data transfer.

Back up your phone If MPT can't find your phone, try configuring the device yourself, and select generic cdma Using Motorola Phone Tools and a USB or Bluetooth connection, you can back up your ringtones, pictures, calendar and phonebook.

  • Make sure you make a backup of your programmed numbers and datebook so you do not lose them when flashing!


  • Contact someone who still has the original verizon firmware to hand you over their updated PRL lists every few months.

Source(s): Motorola V3c Tutorial

Installing the software

The following was quoted, reformatted and revised for relevancy from Mark Venture's page

Note: PST is a copyrighted program. If your key is malfunctioning, you might receive an error message about WIBU key. If this is the case, you should be able to obtain a patch at the same location from where you obtained PST.

  • Do not install anything referring to a Triplets Work Around.
  • PST v7.23 appears to be more compatible with the V3C.
  • PST v7.2.5 appears to be more compatible with the V3M.

Source(s): Motorola V3c Tutorial

Before you launch PST, the driver for your phone as a Motorola USB Modem must be installed and working.Device Manager Screen Shot

A. If the Motorola USB Modem does not appear in your Device Manager then follow these steps:

1. If you've already plugged the phone into the PC, unplug the phone from the PC.

2. Download and unzip BVRP's

3. With all applications on the PC Closed. Run the drivertool.exe

4. Plug the phone back into the computer. (Please be sure to use a USB port built into the computer, NOT an external USB HUB).

5. The Windows Add New Hardware Wizard should run, automatically search for, find and install the new driver.

6. The phone will now be listed as Motorola USB Modem in device manager.

B. If the Motorola USB Modem does appear in device manager:

1. Launch PST using the Phone Programmer icon off the start menu

2. The Add New Hardware wizard will run and it will try to install Communications Class - Control Interface, Data Logging MCU Interface, Test Command Interface, and Accessories Interface.

  • For all of these, choose "Install from a list or specific location" then click next.

For the V3m use these drivers -

3. If the add new hardware wizard does NOT run, check device manager for a Motorola USB Device group with Accessories Interface, Data Logging MCU and Test Command Interface listed. If you have them, you can proceed. If you do not, unplug your phone, power it off/on, and reconnect. These devices must be installed for P2KSeem to connect to the phone! They will only be listed in device manager while PST is still running so DO NOT EXIT PST!

Note: If you don't see the Add New Hardware Wizard run and install those 4 devices, or you don't see the Motorola USB Device Group in Device Manager, make sure PST is set for Auto Detect for the serial ports.

  • In PST Settings pull down -> PST Config If Auto Detect is not selected, select it and click SAVE. Exit PST and re-launch it.

If you still don't see them, chances are you have a generic cable that does NOT work for this. PST really gives NO indication that it is connected to your phone.

  • To test, launch PST, when it comes to the main interface, click File -> New -> Phone Book File -> Ok.
  • You will be presented with Untitled Phone Book File. Use the Phone pull down, and click READ.
  • PST should start reading the contents of your phone's Contacts. If it finishes, PST is connected.

NOTE: Be careful when doing this in PST, choosing an improper option (even for reading) can fry your phone!!"

ALTERNATE Method: Flashing using the Motorola Bootloader Advantages to this method: Simpler and Much Quicker 1) Turn off the phone. 2) Holding both # and * power the phone on 3) Connect the phone via USB 4) Run "MultiFlashFlex" (No need to have PST open) 5) Flash via above guide!

Source(s): Motorola V3c Tutorial


To install P2KSeem for V3c. Just unzip all the files in the archive you downloaded to a folder. It does not need to be "installed." If you need it click SD Edition OR 4V710 Edition

Flash the Verizon V3c with Alltel Firmware


Note: MultiFlashFlex is a copyrighted program distributed with PST. If your key is malfunctioning, you might receive an error message. If this is the case, you should be able to obtain a patch at the same location from where you obtained PST.

If using the Alltel 4.04 firmware please only Master Clear your phone before flashing and ignore the Master Reset and Master Clear after flashing (reports of various problems check FAQ)

  • Extract the Alltel firmware to a directory on your computer.
  • Open Windows Explorer and browse to the c:\Program Files\Motorola\PST directory.
  • In that directory, locate the executable MultiFlashFlex.exe and open it.
  • In the window that appears, in the lower portion you should see your phone listed and a Connected verifying that the application can communicate with your phone. If it does not, troubleshoot the PST application further.
  • In the top box Flash File Name – click on the browse button and locate the Alltel flash file you extracted from the downloaded archive file.
  • Then click Start. The flashing will begin. You may also get a message that says "Unknown Super File Version. Do You Really want to flash the Devices?" Just hit ok.
  • In the beginning of flashing, computer might ask you for flashing interface driver, direct to where you downloaded and unzipped the V3C PST drivers
  • If using 4.04 flash file and you do not flash successfully the first time try a second time, that should correct any problems.
  • When the status lists Successful let the phone restart and wait until it has fully restarted and you see the normal screens – this may take 2-3 minutes.

You MUST perform a Master Clear/Reset as follows or your phone book will be corrupted

  • Perform a Master Clear - \Settings\Initial Setup\Master Clear
  • Perform a Master Reset - \

Source(s): Motorola V3c Tutorial

Activate a non-active device on Verizon's network after flashing

Tested successfully on a V3m

It is possible to flash a deactivated device that you are not using and activate it later or have a spare device and switch back and fourth. To do this, you must manually program your phone. This avoids the need to use *228.

  • Call Verizon or use their website to do an ESN (a.k.a. MEID) change from the old device to this one. They will update their database such that your phone will be The phone if you activate it. Talk your way out of activating the device using *228 because it will fail, though you can safely try it for fun (unless you have done seem edits to get data services working specifically).
  • Quickly dial 74663#[clear][clear]
  • Select NAM1
  • Enter your mobile telephone number in MIN and MDN
  • Change CDMA Sys ID appropriately:

The CDMA System ID defines your phone's carrier and the region of the country where your phone will primarily be used. The region is used to tell the phone what set of frequencies to try to use first much like the PRL tells the device what roaming affiliates to try to use first. For example, 1900Mhz is used in many parts of Florida (SID 4152) and in Cincinnati, 800Mhz is used (SID 21). Any Verizon CDMA System ID will work as the phone will switch to a better one automatically. (you can view it later in Settings > Network > Current Network)

  • Select Done. Select Exit. The device will reboot in 10 seconds.

Complete! Make two test calls. Whenever I do an ESN change, my first test call Always fails.

Now it's time to fix the 'broken' features...

Source(s): Motorola V3c Tutorial

Fixing Get It Now

You will need these files:

Source(s): Motorola V3c Tutorial

Getting Started:

  • Start PST (lets p2kcommander have access to the phone. Anytime you use p2kcommander, you will need to have PST running in the background)
    • note above "Start PST" -- This means closing out of flashflex.exe and going to your start menu and clicking on All Programs> Motorola PST> Phone Programmer.
  • Open p2kcommander
  • There will be a 2 column window showing when you open p2kcommander. In the drop down select the directory location of the files you just downloaded. In the other drop down select "P2k Mobile Phone". Screen Cap
  • Navigate to and place in folder a/brew/mod/brewappmgr/
  • Go back to PST
  • Click File>Open>RTT 1X - Browser> open vzw.rtb
  • Click the Version 6.x Tab
  • Click Phone>Write or CTRL-W
  • Click File>Open>BREW> open vzw.brw
  • Click Phone>Write or CTRL-W

All done, now you can buy things! Even though your Get it Now is now configured, do not access Get It Now until you have loaded the seems from the “Fixing MMS” section below. One of the seems that you will load fixes the user agent string, which without it, could cause you to be locked out of GIN.
Never run tetris in Alltel 4.04 firmware!

Source(s): Motorola V3c Tutorial

Removing Tetris from the List of Applications

This will remove Tetris and any worries you might have of it accidentally being run or touched. V3c firmware only.

  • Open P2KCommander
  • Navigate to a/brew/mif
  • Delete 22151.mif
  • Click Restart Phone

That's all! If you see the message directory locked then you can delete it manually from the phone GUI ,just go to Axcess icon /manage apps/highlight tetris and select delete :) Worked for me!!

Source(s): Motorola V3c Tutorial

Fixing Icon Files

Without this change you will not have a 'Get it Now' icon and will not be able to use 'icon view' in the main menu.

Source(s): Motorola V3c Tutorial

You will need these files:



Source(s): Motorola V3c Tutorial

Starting the Process:

  • run bitpim (you can also overwrite these two files with P2kcommander, this has been confirmed to work as well; just start PST first),
  • Overwrite these files:

(When you overwrite these files, whatever you had entered for your home keys (soft keys and arrows) will be reset. You can change them back to whatever afterward.)

  • start PST
  • run p2kcommander (bitpim can only overwrite files, p2kcommander is needed to create them. Although in bitpim you can right click and select "New File", these files are not properly added to the filesystem and will not showup in p2kcommander. )
  • place these files

ok your done, restart phone by clicking "restart" button within p2kcommander you should be good to go.

Here are the original Motorola interface Get It Now icons:

Here are Goldmembr's original icons as well:

Fixing Mobile Web

Please refer to Fixing Get It Now. When fixing Get It Now you will fix Mobile Web as well.

  • Note: There is a known issue where the Mobile Web will time out upon initial access under the Alltel .03 firmware. Pressing retry will correctly load up Mobile Web.

A good free proxy service is

Another good one is

Source(s): Motorola V3c Tutorial

Fixing MMS

Getting Started (do this first)

There are at least 3 ways of doing this, all involve the following 2 seem edits. Start PST then start whatever application you use to do seem edits (eg. P2KSeem). Then edit the following seems:

Seem 2742 0001 bytes 90 offset 62 check bit 5 turns on MMS Server edit (Here's a picture of this seem for reference) [2]

Seem 2742 0001 bytes 90 offset 6a check bit 3 turn’s on Data Menu (Here's a picture of this seem for reference) [3]

Now I personally recommend using method 3, but that is only because it does not require using any other computer software, it is done strictly on the phone, but use any one you like as it is easier to type all the crap in on the computer so if you are comfortable doing so then go right ahead

(The above edits work best if you load the seem from the phone first, then load the edited seem from the file, then save to phone.)

Source(s): Motorola V3c Tutorial

Method 1

Go to and at the bottom of the page and click on Verizon Default. Fill in the fields as follows

Access Type: Read/Write
User Type: User created
Homepage: Can be left as is "http://homepage" or empty
Proxy Authentication: None
User ID: Your 10 digit phone number
Password: vzw
Service Type 1: HTTP
Domain 1:
Gateway IP 1:
Gateway 1:
Port 1: 80
E2E Port 1: 9201
LXL Port 1: 0

Service Type 2: Unused
Gateway IP 2:
Gateway 2:
Port 2: 0
E2E Port 2: 0
LXL Port 2: 0
Cache Start-Up: Off

Just ignore the rest of the web sessions on the bottom (1-9)

At the bottom of the page, click on the “create file” button and save it as “VZW_MMS” without the quotes.

Then load PST and open 1xrtt browser then this file <-- Doesn't work; "Unexpected File Format"

or use bitpim to replace the file a/websessions, make sure to first back this file up

Source(s): Motorola V3c Tutorial

Method 2

You can use PST to create this file, sensual massage singapore

open pst, then create a new 1xrtt browser, use the settings from above then write to phone <-- proxy ID's missing, what are they?

Source(s): Motorola V3c Tutorial

Method 3

This is how I did it as it is easiest, I think anyway

after enabling both seem edits you can access web sessions menu by

from home screen hit #073887* this spells #0setup* so you can remember it

then password is 000000

then websessions/vzw/options/edit

it should look like this





Gateway IP1:


Service Type1:HTTP

Port 1:8080

E2E Port 1:8080

LXL Port 1:443

Gateway IP 2:

Gateway 2:

Service Type 2:HTTP

Port 2:8080

E2E Port 2:8080

LXL Port 2:443

Now back out of there and select create a new entry set it up as this:



UserID: XXXXXXXXXX (your 10 digit TN)


Gateway IP1:


Service Type1:HTTP

Port 1:80

E2E Port 1:9201

LXL Port 1:0

Gateway IP 2:

Gateway 2:

Service Type 2:HTTP

Port 2: 0

E2E Port 2: 0

LXL Port 2: 0

Select Done

VZW should be your default websession (i.e. it should have a checkmark in front of it) If not, highlighting VZW then select Options / Set Default.

Exit service mode by selecing Back / Exit / End Call (red button)

Select Messaging / Message Inbox / Options / Setup / MMS Message Setup / Server Info / Change / Options /Edit

Service Name VZW

Server Name (Didn't work for me, did however.)

Web Session name VZW_MMS

Select Done ok now back out of menus

  • NOTE: Sometimes the websession setting under this menu does not stick to VZW_MMS after rebooting the first time. Before you go to test MMS, be sure to check if the setting stuck. If not, set it to VZW_MMS again and it should stick after that. Attempting to send MMS messages with the websession set to the wrong setting could result in MMS messages becoming stuck in your outbox.
  • NOTE: If the web session is not showing up in the hidden programming menu try typing ##BROWSER (ie ##2769737) or edit seem 2742 offset 18 check bit 5 to re-enable Web Sessions in the hidden menu (this applies to the VIVO firmware for V3m)

Now go to Main Menu / Settings / Security / Data Connections/ passwor is 000000/ 1xRTT Data

User Name : [email protected] (XXX=your TN)

After you hit OK the phone might report… “Notify ALLTEL of change” just disregard !

Password : vzw

hit done

That should do it, once again I found that option 3 is the easiest, doesnt require any other crap to create the file and then install it, just use the phone to do it after seem edits have been done

enjoy (Thanks but none of this worked)

Source(s): Motorola V3c Tutorial

Fixing VCAST

This fix is optional and does not affect any operation of the phone besides VCAST. NOTE: It is VERY important that you use P2K Commander version 3.2.6 and NOT a newer version. Ignore any prompts to upgrade it. 3.2.9 is the latest, and it has serious problems among which, you will not be able to create /a/brew_preloads with 3.2.9.

  • Download and extract the zip file from
  • Connect to the phone using PST
  • Use P2kCommander and navigate to /a/brew/mod
  • Create two folders named '13478' and '12513'
  • Copy the files from the '13478' and '12513' folders from the zip file to these folders respectively
  • Create the folder /a/brew_preloads (at the root)
  • Copy 13478.mif and 12513.mif from the zip into that
  • Restart the phone

The phone should now sign the mif's and place them in the mif folder. These should work on any phone and does not require backing up your original.

KNOWN ISSUE: Many people have experience a problem where no audio is available with the VCAST videos. It has been suggested that you can fix it by downloading the VCAST software through GIN (GIN > Get Going > Featured Apps. > VCAST) then just load it when it is done downloading. Note: Requires EVDO. The HA and AAA keys must have been configured in the MIP profiles with QPST to allow VCAST to work properly. (Edit- Please make this clearer. It is definatly not noob friendly)

Source(s): Motorola V3c Tutorial

Get a custom look with Skins


Please read this entire section before modifying skins

Warning! Installing Skins on an unaltered Verizon V3c is injurious to one's mental equilibrium! Please see or Item #32 at before reading any more of this page.

Bitpim is a program that can overwrite or delete files from your phone only, it cannot add files
P2Kcommander can add, delete, overwrite files
So please do not try to add skins with Bitpim

Quite a few skins can be found here, including original Moto skin:

NOTE: When downloading skins Internet Explorer will save all .dat files as .gif files automatically.
This means that you must rename all files as .dat when downloading them
The Moto skin is the original motorola skin file
Alot of custom skins use the standard icons from the Moto skin
so first download the standard Moto skin from above and install that the same way as any other skin
then continue installing all the skins you want
this should help solve some problems people have been having recently

WARNING people are having lots of issues with installing custom skins
You do not need to delete the original verizon skins to remove the red bars,
installing other skins will get rid of the red bars
I would suggest keeping the original skins on the phone since if you mess up a skin
you have one that is working to go back to

Also you can have as many skins as you like on your phone at one time, all of them in the same
directory, the only thing limiting them is the memory on your phone


note: this is not for a verizon v3c, but it is a very similar filesystem, so if yours looks different that is a good thing

Adding a new skin

  • Open PST
  • Open P2Kcommander 3.2.6 or 3.2.2
  • Make sure drivers are being recognized, it takes a few minutes to get initialized correctly

COPY ALL FILES ONE AT A TIME, this will give you the least amount of problems

  • open a/mobile
  • create folder called skins if one isnt already present
  • in a/mobile/skins create a folder named EXACTLY as your .dat file is for your skin, that is if your skin is called abCdeF.dat name your folder abCdeF
  • copy all *.ski and *.dat files into this newly created folder
  • copy the associated wallpaper (.gif or .jpg, if present) to /a/motorola/shared/picture
  • make sure all files have copied correctly, be patient and take your time
  • restart your phone

You can add as many skins as you like.

Source(s): Motorola V3c Tutorial

Troubleshooting Problems

No menus, background, or it's not functioning correctly

The instructions provided above are an alternate method to putting skins back on your phone. It involves using the program Dir2Flex to make your own flex files, then using PST to flex it back onto the phone. This method is not only good for restoring default skins on your messed up phone, but it is another method of putting your skins on without using P2kCommander.

If you use PST and get the error, "Cannot suspend phone" you can use MotoKit from or Follow the same instructions above to create the *.hs file. In MotoKit, click "tools" and "recover from flex". Choose your file at the top, right click to "select all", then right click again to "recover selected files to phone".

Source(s): Motorola V3c Tutorial

Missing Icons

Not all skins include a built-in set of icons. When this occurs the phone instead looks at the first skin in the list for icons. Normally this would be the Moto skin and those icons are used. If you install a skin into the first position without icons then icons may disappear during operation (as if they are flushed from memory and not brought back). To fix this make sure the first skin in your skin folder is the Moto skin.

You can make a copy of the Moto skinned called 'AMoto' so that it appears first in the list. To rename a skin:

1. Rename the folder name of the skin
2. Rename all of the *.dat *.ski files contained within so that they match the folder keeping the numbers and extention
3. Upload using P2KCommander

Source(s): Motorola V3c Tutorial

White / Black Screen

If you get a white or black screen with your new skin chances are its fixable, and relatively easy to do so.

Try to get PST to recognize your phone, some have found that when turning on the phone leave it closed and then try to get PST to connect, this allows the skin to not startup all the way and freeze up the phone

That didn't work? Try suspend mode

  • turn off phone
  • hold # and * keys
  • turn on phone while still holding # and *
  • should tell you its in mode
  • now try to access programs

Once PST and P2Kcommander can access your phone delete the files associated to the skin giving you trouble one at a time
when they are all deleted restart your phone and it should revert back to a working skin

Using Bitpim
If PST wont work you CAN use Bitpim to delete files from your phone
Deleting skin files in bitpim may allow you to use PST to get p2kcommander to work again
If it does then the skin files you deleted with bitpim may still be present in p2kcommander,
so you need to delete them with p2kcommander as well.

Still having problems, here are some other tips
If you cannot get the skin off of your phone then chances are you arent being patient enough
You should be able to salvage your phone without reflashing if you just take your time
p2kcommander is not designed for cdma phones and is buggy, you may need to try both versions (3.2.2 and 3.2.6)
Always restart your phone to see if that helps, also restart your computer to get the drivers to load correctly.

Unplug your phone when switching software to let drivers load.

Try out bitpim and see if you can overwrite the messed up skin with a working one and see if that works.

If you get an error while loading files and your phone won't respond to pressing the power button, Flashing your phone again will get it working again, but you have to start over with everything.

If you still cannot get your phone back from the grave then check the many threads on howard forums about this issue, chances are somone has had your problem and a little searching should help you out.

If you find a new solution please post it up and help others out, I am sure they would appreciate it just as much as you did when you figured it out.

Source(s): Motorola V3c Tutorial

Optional Seem edits & other tricks

(Remember to turn your phone off, then back on after each edit)

- Entering the "Hidden" Setup Menu

  • Flip open the phone. Type #073887* quickly on the keypad. If entered successfully a screen should pop up asking you for the Security Code (000000) If not, try again.

Easy way to remember the code is that it spells out #0setup*

- Improving Voice Quality by changing the VOCODE (Not proven, but can't hurt)

  • Enter the Hidden Setup Menu (steps provided above)
  • Scroll down to Vocode and change from EVRC to 13K.

Reasoning behind the improved voice quality is less compression and increased bandwidth availability, but the towers may control which one is used. Enjoy!

- Forcing 1xrtt Mode aka Turning off EVDO

  • Enter the Hidden Setup Menu (steps provided above)
  • Scroll down to Test Mode
  • Enable Test Mode
  • Exit to Main Screen
  • Hit CLR button and then Left Softkey quickly
  • Screen Should Turn White and Say "FTS"
  • Hit Right Softkey 3 times until Top of screen says "ServOpt: NoChg"
  • Scroll Down to "HDR Pref:" and change to "cdma"
  • Leave "HDR Hybr:" set to ON
  • Hit "Exit" Left Softkey
  • Wait for it, wait for it, screen should freeze and then freak out a little (Patience).
  • Hit CLR button and then Left Softkey
  • Go back to the hidden menu and disable the Test Mode.

Enjoy 1X mode! A detailed description is here

-Change LCD Picture with flip open

1) If you have flashed to Alltel then you must first do the following:

Download seem 2771 from

using p2kseem replace your 2771 and 2772 seems with this one (bytes 30, record 1)

yes they are identical, i really do mean both seems replaced with just the one, just rename it 2772 for the second one

2) Next, or if you're not on alltel flash, then:

Open bitpim, make sure View -> View Filesystem is checked


create .gif file of your choice size 96x80 pixels and name it verizon.gif (thread of premade external pics:

use Filesystem to browse to:


right click and save current image (in case you ever want to go back)

overwrite verizon.gif with your new file (do by right clicking and selecting Overwrite)

thats it

-startup/shutdown animations & sounds

Start PST

Open p2k commander

use whatever animated .gif files you want, there are a few ones made that work nicely that you can find

name them customer_opening.gif for opening

and customer_closing.gif for closing

go to a/Motorola/shared/picture

replace these two files

for sounds you can rename any short .mp3 file as a .mp_ and use it

there are correlating sounds for the openings if you would like to use them, they can be found in the forums as usual, or use your own

the startup and shutdown sounds are:

a/motorola/system/ui_start_dn_mono.mp_ (shutdown)

a/motorola/system/ui_start_up_mono.mp_ (starup) for vzw flash

a/motorola/shared/audio/ui_start_up_mono.mp_ (startup) for alltel flash


-Extended Video Duration- *This hack works with the Verizon UI, There is no arcconfig.ini file in Alltel's system files

Connect your phone to your pc via USB. Open Bitpim. (or P2Kcommander) Go to Filesystem Tab Navigate to brew/mod/arcmedia Right click on arcconfig.ini file and Save it to your desktop Edit the file using notepad or any text editor (Find the line VidDuration and change the number to 120) Save the file In bitpim right-click on arcconfig.ini file and choose Overwrite. Pick the file from your desktop. After it overwrites, close bitpim, unplug phone, and thats it.

When recording video, the counter will go to 00:59, then 00:00, and it will keep going untill it reaches 00:00 2 times.

Step by step instruction credit goes to Blazer380

EDIT* If you change VidDuration to 240 the video recording time is increased to 4 min 55 sec. File size is somewhere around 2.5mb.

-Enable Text Message Delivery Notification Menu-

This enables/disables the menu only, not the actual confirmation messages

Originally Posted by mosherkl: seem 2742, record 1, offset 3d, bit 1, the description in P2kSeem says "Receipt (SMS) - on/off".

-Set Delivery Report for new messages default to NO (Does not fix the delivery report when replying to Verizon customers)-

Seem 2742 Bytes 90 Record 0001 offset 0049, bit 5 off

-Re-enable the (CLR - *) keypad locking function-

Seem 2742 Bytes 90 Record 0001 Offset 0029, bit 1 on

-Change the "D" Icon to "1x"-

Seem 2742 Bytes 90 Record 0001 Offset 0074, bit 7 on = 1x icon, bit 7 off = D icon.

-Enable traditional GPS icon-

(If someone didn't tell me what it was on the forum, I wouldn't have been able to guess what this was. The GPS icon in the Alltel flash looks like a speaker with a slash through it pointing downward at 45degrees to the left. I thought it was related to sounds or notification, but once someone brought it up, I guess it does *vaguely* look like a satellite. --pfn)

Seem 2742 Bytes 90 Record 0001 Offset 004b, bit 0 on = crosshair icon, bit 0 off = satellite icon.

-Enable "time and date" and "auto redial" menus to settings>initial setup-

This seem edit works for some, not others, nobody has figured out exactly why quite yet

Seem 2742 Bytes 90 Record 0001 Offset 008d, bit 6 on = Adds "time and date" and "auto redial" menus to settings>initial setup.

-Enable Data Connection menu under Menu>Settings>Security>Data Connection-

Seem 2742 Bytes 90 Record 0001 Offset 006a, bit 3 on = Data Connection menu (Security Code = 000000)

-Change Phonebook view from multiple lines per contact to single line (like original Verizon UI)-

  • menu>contacts>options>setup>view by list
  • menu>contacts>options>setup>view>primary contacts

This should setup the contacts as one line per entry, then hit left right to change between home, cell and work (The Icon will change with them not exactly easy to find, but it works just like VZW UI!).

-Changing Inside Verizon Wireless Banner Inside/Outside Banner when flip closed:-

The outside screen when the flip is closed displays whatever you put on the inside.

Download Seem 296a Bytes 24 record 0005 using p2kseem. Save as a backup to your computer.

Edit with your favorite hex editor

Change Verizon Wireless to whatever you want, but DO NOT erase anything before the V in Verizon or after the S in wireless. Upload to phone.

  • taken from "Compiled skin and gui hacks explained for Razr V3c" by Gadget Freak

-Free WAP on V3C-

Here is the original post

-Vibrate THEN Ring-

The Alltel firmware already enabled "Vibrate Then Ring" in "Ring Styles". So this seem edit applies to .02 firmware only.

In brief: edit seem 2742 length 90. In offset 7b, you need to turn off bit 3 and turn on bit 4.

Here is the original post

-Seem Edits Table- (Are these applicable to both Alltel and .02 firmware?)

             Function                                                          Seem Edit
Enable Shutter tone "None" in Pictures Setup	                        Seem 2742, O/S 005E, Bit 6=ON
Roaming Call Guard (Settings > In Call Setup > Call Guard)	        Seem 2742, O/S 0023, Bit 5=ON
Enable Editing of Pix Place/MMS Server 	                                Seem 2742, O/S 0062, Bit 5=ON
Enable Keypad Lock ( [CLR] + * ) 	                                Seem 2742, O/S 0029, Bit 1=ON
Video quality adjustment	                                        Seem 2742, O/S 005F, Bit 7=ON
Enable Time & Date Menu	                                                Seem 2742, O/S 008D, Bit 6=ON 
Open Flip Outside LCD custom text	                                Seem 2771, Rec 0001 Length (Bytes (h)) 0030
Outer LCD Text (Bit ON) / Graphics (Bit OFF) Mode 	                Seem 275a, Rec 0001, O/S 0027, Bit 0=ON/OFF
Enable Motorola Shutdown Animation	                                Seem 2742, O/S 0031, Bit 0=ON
Enable/Disable Motorola Startup Animation                               Seem 2742, O/S 001d, Bit 3=ON/OFF
Enable Loud Detail > Roam Calls	                                        Seem 2742, O/S 0016, Bit 6=ON
Subsidy Code (Best to leave it as is. Write it down, memorize it) 	Seem 0055 Rec 0001 Length (Bytes (h)) 0006
Enable "Siren" Alert 	                                                Seem 2742, O/S 0006, Bit 1=ON 

Enabling this will replace a vib alert style under vibrate mode

Enable "Continental" Alert	                                        Seem 2742, O/S 0038, Bit 1=ON 

Enabling this will replace a vib alert style under vibrate mode

Enable "Classic" Alert	                                                Seem 2742, O/S 0038, Bit 2=ON 

Enabling this will replace a vib alert style under vibrate mode

Enable "Attention" Alert	                                        Seem 2742, O/S 0038, Bit 3=ON 

Enabling this will replace a vib alert style under vibrate mode

Enable "Moonlit Haze" Alert	                                        Seem 2742, O/S 003B, Bit 0=ON
Enable Text Message Delivery Notification Menu	                        Seem 2742, O/S 003D, Bit 1=ON
Set Delivery Report Default for new messages to NO 	                Seem 2742, O/S 0049, Bit 5=OFF
Change the "D" Icon to "1x"	                                        Seem 2742, O/S 0074, Bit 7=ON (1x)
Enable traditional GPS icon	                                        Seem 2742, O/S 004B, Bit 0=ON (Crosshairs)
Changing Verizon Wireless Banner Inside/Outside 	                Seem 296a,  Bytes 24, Record 0005
Changes backlight times to 20, 40, 60, seconds and Countinuos	        Seem 2742, O/S 7d, Bit 5=ON
Enables Backlight Color Option: Red, Green, Orange	                Seem 2742, O/S 33, Bit 6=ON
Enable scrolling through missed calls with flip closed                 Seem 2742, O/S 0c, Bit 1=ON
Enables Alltel firmware to keep 100+ texts                             Seem 2742, O/S 40, Bit 6=ON
Switches left and right soft key choices                               Seem 2742, O/S 007a, Bit 1=OFF
Enable SMS Reply Type                                                  Seem 2742, O/S 001c, Bit 5=ON
Enable SMS Email Gateway                                               Seem 2742, O/S 003d, Bit 7=ON

Source(s): Motorola V3c Tutorial


This section is intended to summarize the questions in the forum and their solutions, so one doesn't need to scoop up the replies for answers.

  • MultiFlashFlex.exe is not working....because there is no security key detected

You didn't apply the patch to PST correctly. Be careful, there are altogether 6 patches. After you apply the first one, don't click "exit", you should click "next" to apply the next patch. You have to click "Next" a couple of times to apply all patches. In the lower left corner of the window, you can see your progress, for example, "2/6" means applying the second patch out of 6.

  • When I am flashing my v3c with Alltel Firmware, initially it goes well. However, later there is an error message on the phone's screen: IN COMM FAIL EP2 DOWNLOADING PAMLOADER

You didn't install BVRP's driver tools. Refer to the section Preliminary. Plug in the USB cable into the computer (not a hub) and then run BVRP's Driver tool (Drivertool). "Now plug in your phone and let it find the drivers you just installed. Do this step even if you have already installed a moto driver as this gives you the latest driver. Some previous drivers utilizie the USBSER.SYS from windows which caused communication issues during larger data transfer"

  • I want to avoid applying all the fixes toward Alltel Firmware, can I simply downgrade my Verizon firmware from .03 to .02?

Yes! The good thing is that once you flashed the .02 firmware, bluetooth, mobile web, GIN, MMS, etc are all ready to use. You can get .02 firmware here.

  • BITPIM connection problem

If you get a COM connection error: click Edit in the main menu, then settings. Next to COM port you will see a "browse" button. Click that, then under "available ports" click "motorola USB modem". If this is under "unavailable ports" unplug the usb cord (computer side) and plug it back in. Hit refresh. Do this until "motorola usb modem" appears under available ports. Choose it, and click ok. Click ok again.

  • BITPIM connection problem (Edited)

If you receive an error such as unable to connect of flash failed! I would recomend reinstalling every piece of software that you have downloaded, and instead of using the MultiFlashFlex utility I would suggest using RSD Lite; it may be available on P2P networks or Google.

  • GIN/Mobile web/MMS do not work after Master Resetting Alltel 4.04

Reenable GIN/Mobile web/MMS per orig instructions.

  • "Registering Applications" appears when booting up phone

This is because you've touched tetris on your Alltel 4.04 firmware. There is currently no fix for this. You have to end it when your phone boots. But, Some people have reportedly got it fixed by flashing to Verizon firmware then calling customer service and saying their "Gin doesn't work", then following instructions and it fixes itself. They couldn't resolve it over the phone for most people. If all else fails wait for a solution and check the forums.

  • What Security Code Does Alltel Use?

Alltel uses "1234" --> Actually, the SECURITY CODE is 000000 .... the UNLOCK CODE is 1234.

  • Flashing with PST fails with error message "Flash failed: cannot access Motorola flash interface"

Probably not all drivers got installed. Try flashing using RSD Lite instead.

  • Installing RSD Lite fails with error message "Default drive of D: detected [...]"

1) run regedit.exe

2) go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup

3) change BootDir value from D: to C:

4) Run setup now

  • "Error:FLASH failed! ***Error*** Unable to connect to the Subscriber Unit. Unable to get string descriptors." while flashing with multiflex."

You need to download RSD Lite 2.5 and use that to flash your phone. Do a google search =).

  • No sound while watching VCAST video

Many people have reported this problem, and as of yet there is no fix.

  • P2KCommander is buggy when sending many of files

Using a program like Dir2Flex, you can flex alot of files in a batch with PST. This is useful on transfers that get timed out in P2kCommander.

  • How do I update my PRL when flashed to Alltel?

There are two options for the first step: find a PRL file on HowardForums like this one : OR Back a PRL file up from another Razr. To do this, plug the phone in, open PST, and click on the "New" icon. Click on CDMA Preferred Roaming File then click Phone, then Read. Click save, and it should save as a .rla file.

For the second step, with the flashed phone connected, open PST and click on the open folder icon. Navigate to the .rla file and open it, then click on the write to phone icon.

  • How do I Flash back to Verizon Firmware?

Use MultiFlashFlex.exe or RSD Lite 2.5 and flash to GATW_X_01.0F.02P FIRST or you may run into problems like no ring when you have a call or not being able to change your ring detail. You can then flash to GATW_X_01.0F.03P or GATW_X_01.0F.04P. You can get the flash files here. NOTE: Mobile Web and Get It Now might not work unless you flash to GATW_X_01.0F.04P after flashing to GATW_X_01.0F.02P (or you can manually set it up

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