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Please feel free to add to this list or add links for download of the following software.
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Software Updates

This section features the most recent software updates!

Source(s): Software solutions

P2K Programs

  • P2K Advanced Menu Editor v.9
    • (
    • Program used to edit menu file mma_ucp for your phone. The V 9.0 has advanced features that allows you to unlock WebSessions as well as increase video recording, you can pick either 3gp or mp4 etc..
  • Abosolut Operator Replacer 3.1
    • (
    • A simple p2k based program that will replace the operator name on your Motorola cell phone (by editing plmn_text_table.bin). Developed by "Absolut buG" from supertrubka.

Source(s): P2K Programs

Hacking Software

Source(s): Software solutions

Security Software

  • FreeOTFE - Transparent storage card encryption system (opensource)
  • SecuBox - Transparent storage card encryption system (costs)

Source(s): Software solutions

Skin Programs

Source(s): Skin Programs


  • Bootscreen Replacer 4.1
    • (
    • With this program you can easily replace the standard "Hello Moto" boot splash screen with another BMP image with the same dimentions (fullscreen). You will need to extract the CG1 from your SHX file using SHXCodec, edit it, recompile it and flash your phone.

Source(s): Various


  • P2K Install Program by Anty506
    • (
    • P2K Driver Installer along with installer/updates of P2Kman program by vilko, the program used to access system files on your phone and used to download and upload SEEMs. This download is an installer that installs P2K drivers and P2Kman.
  • P2K Drivers Pack
    • (
    • Unpack and place them in the c:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\ folder, then connect your phone to your computer via mini USB cable. Windows will popup, point everything to this directory! (This method is pretty simple and straight, and works the best for me so far, and worth trying! - )

Produsen kereta mini,kereta mall, dan komidi putar terbaik di Indonesia

Software You Won't Find Here

Links to the following software are not provided here solely for the reason that it would be illegal to do so. Check other avenues though, who knows?

  • Motorola Phone Tools, MPT
    • The standard program for putting and copying from the phone, mp3's, midi's, wallpapers, phonebook editing, as well as accessing your providers dial-up network for "wireless" internet. Latest version is 5 It is available at for $69.90 Euro, $39.90 U.S.
    • Motorola Phone Tools is a PC software suite to allow backup, restore, and synchronization of phonebooks and calendars, transfer of videos, photos, and ringtones. Works for most all Motorola phones (current version available via LiveUpdate is 5.17d).
    • Why won't Multimedia Studio work on my Verizon flashed RAZR?
  • Motorola Product Support Tool, Phone Support Tools, PST
    • Motorola's Product Support Tool, or sometimes referred to as "Phone Support Tools", is a program used in service centers around the world for basic repair and upgrading of motorola phones. Features include flashing/flexing phones, changing NAM settings, etc. Not available for legal download to the public, only available in Motorola Service Centers. Warez links won't be provided at this site.
    • Google it!
  • MMA Convert
  • RSD Lite
    • Motorola's RSD Lite is a program used in service centers for basic repair and upgrading of motorola phones. It's more graphically based then PST, and it's features are signifantly reduced compared to that of PST. The advantage is that it's easier to use. Again, not available for legal download to the public, as it's only available in Motorola Service Centers.
    • See also How to flash with RSD lite.
  • MSS, Victor, VictorGSM
    • Generally refers to Motorola Service Software, a 3rd party program used to unlock most phones, as well as do other things like flash your phone and such. Available for $329 USD at

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