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The LG Rumor Touch is the second most customizable (thus hackable) phone provided by Virgin Mobile at the time of this writing. Its large touchscreen and full keyboard (complete with separate 1-9 keys) allows users easy access to texting and easy viewing of the Internet.

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It's strongly recommended you check out this site which provides the instructions that are summarized here. Feed the starving author!

  1. Download and install the 'LGMobile Support Tool'. Next, follow the instructions, also found on the link below, to install the USB Modem Drivers: http://au.lgmobile.com/web/web.support.retrieveSoftwareDownload.laf
  2. Download 'LG Download Pro' version1.6.0, then install it. (google is your friend!)
  3. Download the below file: http://www.howardforums.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=67795&d=1284090429
  4. EXTRA STUFF: Download the first two linked files in the thread below if you plan on using this program for different phones: http://cdmagurus.com/forum/showthread.php?1534-LG-Download-Dlls
  5. Extract then install the 9100 dll using 'VX9100 DLL.msi'. I found information to indicate that the 9900 dll would also work with this phone, but that didn't work for me. Install the other dll's at your prerogative, it certainly won't hurt anything. Also, I have had reports of the 9200, 10000 and 11000 dll being useful for programming the phone, but don't be a bit surprised if you get into trouble trying to do that!
  6. Just to make sure everything is properly installed, go ahead and reboot your computer now.
  7. Go to your Start Menu >> Programs and double-click on 'LGDownload'. Next, Click on the 'Select DLL' button. After the popup window appears, click on 'Tri Mode', then double click on the VX9100 dll. Click 'Ok' on the popup. Now, click on the 'NV Edit' button on the left hand side. LGDownload is now ready to do it's job.
  8. Plug the USB data cable for the phone into the computer (NOT into the phone, yet).
  9. You may find it useful to open up the Windows 'Device Manager' and expand the 'Ports' section. This will allow you to see when and for how long the USB modem port is actually connected (you will also notice the GPS port connecting, but don't try to use this port for our purposes here). Simply drag Device Manager down to the bottom corner while you are using the other programs in the top corner. I found conflicting information saying that you may need to set the port speed (Bits per Second) in the Device Manager AND the program to either 9600 or 115200. Mine worked set at 115200. Either way, it is DEFINITELY a good idea to make sure both are set to the same port speed (which is technically called the Baud Rate.)
  10. Now to prep the phone. We'll only have about 1 minute flat to do the next few steps, so be sure you have everything laid out and ready before you proceed. We are now going to 'time out' the phone, but it only lasts for about a minute at a time.
  11. Pick one of the three methods and proceed immediately to the next step

    Method 1) Some folks recommend copying 999 or fewer mp3 files to your SD card then opening the built in Media Player. Some people just copy the same mp3 file over and over again until they have 999 of them. (If you have 1000 or more mp3s on this phone, it will ignore you. If you already have a dozen ringtones and etc. on the phone, best stick with 900 or so.) This will 'time out' this phone for a minute or two.

    Method 2) Another method I discovered is to download a nice big World Map pdf file, then open it with the Document Viewer and zoom in on it repeatedly. Once you zoom in far enough, the phone will 'time out' for about 1 1/2 minutes. These first two methods really drag the phone to a grinding halt though, and you may or may not have enough 'horsepower' left over to complete the tasks below. I recommend the third method:

    Method 3) The third method I use, is to add about a hundred or so txt and pdf files under a folder named 'eBooks' on the SD card. Next, simply open the 'Document Viewer' under the Tools menu and select the large document. The phone will ignore everything else you do for about a minute or so, but the phone isn't actually doing much at all, so you'll have plenty of 'horsepower' to finish up.

  12. Plug the USB cable into your phone.
  13. After a few seconds, you will notice the 'Phone Status' bar in the LGDownload program start to fill up with information (if you've done everything properly up to this point). Once that is finished, you will notice the big 'NV Edit Start' button in the center switch from being 'grayed out' to being black and selectable. Click it!
  14. A pop up window will appear asking for the Service Program Code. Of course, we don't have it yet, because that is what we are trying to get. DON'T TYPE ANYTHING! Simply click the 'Ok' button, and cross your fingers. You should see a brief popup saying that it is 'Enabling DM Mode', immediately followed by saying that it is 'Reading NV RAM'. If you picked the third method above, it should proceed very quickly and finish in a few seconds. If you picked one of the other two methods, it may take a while, and may not finish at all. You may need to repeat steps 10-13 a MINIMUM of 20 times or more before it completes.
  15. Ta-Da! You should see a new popup window. In the 'Security Information' screen, SEC_CODE should have your 6 digit SPC code listed. You can double check on the 'System' tab, find the entry listed as 'Service Programming Code'. This should also list your SPC Code. You rock! Stick your finger in the air and curse at Virgin Mobile! Now, proceed to step 16.
  16. ONLY IF you get stuck after clicking 'Ok' for the SPC code, you may need to reset the 'Password'. The recommended way to do this is to download and install the cracked 2.7 version of CDMA Workshop: http://cdmagurus.com/forum/showthread.php?1485-CDMA-WORKSHOP-2.7&p=6280&viewfull=1#post6280 Note that if you are doing this professionally, or need more flexibility and features, you should pay for and download the full current version instead. Note that the 'Crack' for CDMA Workshop 2.7 sets off some virus scanners. It's perfectly safe, just tell your virus scanner to ignore it, or shut it off until you're done. Either way, restart your computer (once it's installed) then go to Start Menu >> Programs and double click on 'CMDA Workshop' (note: If you do NOT restart your computer, you WILL need to close LGDownload in order to disconnect it from the USB Modem port). Repeat steps 10-11 above to 'time out' the phone again and keep the modem port open for about 1 minute. Immediately click on the 'Port' selector and select the port the phone is using (probably around port 5-9, mine uses port 7 for the USB modem, and port 8 for the GPS port) Click the 'Connect' button, then the 'Read' button. If everything is working properly, the 'Phone Information' bar will fill itself in shortly. Now click on the 'Security' tab, then click on the 'Custom Password' selector. Type '0000000000000000' (sixteen zeros) into the field, then click the 'Send' button.
  17. If you are feeling lucky (this next bit didn't work for me), still using CDMA Workshop, click the drop-down box under SPC, then select 'LG Method' and click the 'Read' button. If that gives you your SPC code, skip to step 16 below. If not, close CDMA Workshop (or at least click the 'Disconnect button on the 'Main' tab), then go back to step 7 and proceed through step 13 to give it another shot.
  18. Still no luck? Go back to step 7 and this time select VX9900 dll (of course, you need to have installed it earlier). It didn't work for me, but good luck. Still no luck? I dunno, hit up Google for 'SPC Calculator'. Supposedly there's an LG one, but I never found an SPC calc that worked for me (for this phone). You could try any of the other dll files, but none of the other ones were recommended. On the far-fetched end of the spectrum, you could find and try either the Qualcomm Phone Support Tool package, (QPST) or the LG version, LGNPST. I had limited success even getting these to talk to the phone, but best of luck! There's a wealth of information in the CDMA Gurus forum, and the Howards forum.
  19. Once your phone decides to stop ignoring you, click 'No' and close whatever other programs you had running. Once you're back to the stupid red 'Home' screen, push the little 'Phone' button to bring up the dial pad. Dial ##port# (##7678#) Ooo!! Cool secret stuff.. Now, type in your SPC Code (the phone says 'Enter Service Code'). Almost done. Click where it says 'DM Mode Enable' This will switch the USB port from being used to connect the phone as a removable hard drive, to using the USB modem port and GPS port whenever you plug the phone into your computer. If you want to switch your phone back to being a removable hard drive, simply repeat this step, except this time select 'UMS Mode Enable'.
  20. You're done!! Good job! Now you can change settings, view your file system, tether your phone to your computer as a modem, unlock the phones firewall.. The possibilities are endless!! At least until you do something STUPID and crash your phone like a computer with a nasty virus. This is commonly known as 'bricking' your phone. After that point your phone is not useful for anything other than being a paperweight, or possibly as a brick in a wall. So.. do NOT go doing a bunch of crazy stuff on your phone until you find specific instructions on how to do it, and read up on other people who followed those instructions without turning their phone into a brick!

Source(s): LG Rumor Touch

3rd party applications

Unlocking is not necessary to perform these steps. Unfortunately not all applications said to work on the Rumor Touch work perfectly yet either.

  1. Create an APPS folder on your MicroSD media card
  2. Download a JAR file on your computer
  3. Create a JAD file by using this program: http://www.softpedia.com/progDownload/JADMaker-Download-8344.html
  4. Transfer both the JAR and the JAD files to the phone using a USB cable and drop them in the APPS folder.
  5. Go to My Stuff -> Media Card
  6. Select your JAD file and install
  7. If you want to install your application to the 'Games' folder, simply add "Content-Folder: Games" (without quotation marks) as the last line of the JAD file with a text editor



Source(s): LG Rumor Touch


User wallpapers

The Rumor Touch allows selection of user wallpaper, but it only rotates and crops when in landscape mode. Internally it uses two files. You must set these separately.

Once you unlock the RT, you can see that there are two files:

  • /setas/wallpaper.bit (240 x 400)
  • /setas/wallpaperLand.bit (400 x 240)

You can replace these two files using BitPim. You must select some kind of user wallpaper first before replacing these files. The Rumor Touch ignores these files unless it thinks that some user wallpaper is selected.

Source(s): LG Rumor Touch

Graphic file conversion

The Rumor Touch uses a proprietary format for the cached .bit files. A Windows command line utility is available to convert to this format.

Download lgbits.exe

This converts either JPEGs or PNGs to LG raw format bit files. It only accepts 240 x 400 or 400 x 240 images.

use like this: lgbits prettypic.jpg wallpaper.bit

(For people who don't know command prompt)

  1. Hold down the Windows key and press R.
  2. type "cmd" in the box that appears and press Enter.
  3. Notice where you are.
  4. If you don't want to try anything extra, just move all the files (the program, and the jpg to use), there using Windows Explorer.
  5. Run the program by typing "lgbits prettypic.jpg wallpaper.bit", where "prettypic.jpg" is your fancy picture.

Source(s): Features Support

User ringtones

There are various techniques for setting user ringtones. The most transparent method uses an unlocked phone.

  1. Copy MP3 files to mms/Sound on the phone. The Sound directory may not exist yet.
  2. Create a mapping file setas/mmsRingerIndex.map to list the files.
  3. Select the ringtone under Settings/Ringers/Incoming Calls/Contacts/Contacts with Default Ringer/My Audio

A Windows command line utility is available to generate the mapping file.

Download lgring.exe

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