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LG Mobile Phones

LGE is often called LG for short. LGE Stands for LG Electronics. In the 1980's, LG stood for Lucky Goldstar. LG's website is: lge.com. LG's mobile phones page for the United States, may be found here: Current Phones while Previous phones may be found here Previous Phones

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Carriers that Use LG

List of Models

  • Note: List not necessarily in order of release/availability, or comprehensive. For more info on these models, visit LGE.com[8], and choose between current or past mobile phones by carrier.
  • Model# (Code/nick name)
  • LG A-7110
  • LG AX-140
  • LG AX-145
  • LG AX-155 (AT&T calls this phone the CP150)
  • LG AX-260 (Scoop)
  • LG AX-275
  • LG AX-355
  • LG AX-380 (Wave)
  • LG AX-390
  • LG AX-5000
  • LG AX-565
  • LG AX-830 (Glimmer)
  • LG AX-8600
  • LG BD-2030
  • LG C-1300
  • LG C-1300i
  • LG C-1500
  • LG C-2000
  • LG CE-110
  • LG CE-500
  • LG CG-180
  • LG CG-225
  • LG CG-300
  • LG CU-320
  • LG CU-400
  • LG CU-500
  • LG CU-515
  • LG CU-575 (Trax)
  • LG CU-720 (Shine)
  • LG CU-8080
  • LG CU-8188
  • LG CU-8280
  • LG CU-8380
  • LG CU-915 (Vu)
  • LG CU-920 (Vu TV)
  • LG F-7250t
  • LG F-9100
  • LG F-9200
  • LG G-4015
  • LG G-4020
  • LG KG-800
  • LG L-1100
  • LG L-1150
  • LG L-1200
  • LG L-1400
  • LG L-1400i
  • LG LG-5000
  • LG LX-140 (Aloha)
  • LG LX-150
  • LG LX-160 (Trumpet)
  • LG LX-165 (Flare)
  • LG LX-225
  • LG LX-260 (Rumor)
  • LG LX-350
  • LG LX-550 (Fusic)
  • LG LX-570 (Muziq)
  • LG MM-535
  • LG PM-325
  • LG DM-L200
  • LG VI-125
  • LG U-880
  • LG UX-145
  • LG UX-210
  • LG UX-245
  • LG UX-260
  • LG UX-355
  • LG UX-380
  • LG UX-565
  • LG VX-1000 (Migo)
  • LG VX-3300
  • LG VX-3400
  • LG VX-3450
  • LG VX-3450L
  • LG VX-4650
  • LG VX-4700
  • LG VX-5200
  • LG VX-5300
  • LG VX-5400
  • LG VX-6000
  • LG VX-6100
  • LG VX-7000
  • LG VX-8000
  • LG VX-8100
  • LG VX-8300
  • LG VX-8350
  • LG VX-8500 (Chocolate)
  • LG VX-8550 (Chocolate 2)
  • LG VX-8600
  • LG VX-8610 (Decoy)
  • LG VX-8700
  • LG VX-8800 (Venus)
  • LG VX-9000
  • LG VX-9100 (enV2)
  • LG VX-9200 (enV3)
  • LG VX-9400
  • LG VX-9700 (Dare)
  • LG VX-9800 (The V)
  • LG VX-9900 (enV)
  • LG VX-10000 (Voyager)

Phone Maintenance

Service Menu

On many LG phones, you can access the service menu by pressing Menu, 0. When asked for a service code, enter 000000. Do not change any values if you don't know what it will do. Also, some changes require a phone reboot, and you will not be warned of this. Produsen kereta mini,kereta mall, dan komidi putar terbaik di Indonesia

Exceptions to this method:
  • The VX 8700 requires you (from main screen) to type ##77647268700 (##program8700) and send (SND) to enter the service menu, use service code 000000.
  • Some versions of the VX 8600 require the same, using ##program8600.
  • The VX8550 (Chocolate 2) also requires you, from main screen, to type ##77647268550 (##program8550) then SND (send) to enter the service menu, use the service code 000000.
  • Note: If your phone does not reach the service menu from the "0" method, try the ##7764726*phone model number* (##program*phone model number*) method, as exampled by the above. Followed by service code 000000.

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