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Kyocera Mobile Phones

Kyocera started as a small suburban factory with no money, credentials or history in 1959-1960. They had nothing to rely on but a little technology and 28 trusty comrades. In February 2000, Kyocera aquired the mobile phone manufacturing operations of the American company QUALCOMM to form Kyocera Wireless. Visit HERE for a full and detailed history from 1959 to present.

Kyocera's Website is

Source(s): Kyocera

Carriers that Use Kyocera

Source(s): Kyocera

List of Models

  • Note: List not necessarily in order of release/availability, or comprehensive. For more info on these models, visit[15].
  • Model# (Code/nick name)
  • E1000 (Deco)
  • E1100 (Neo)
  • E2000 (Tempo)
  • E2500
  • E3500
  • E4000 (Solo)
  • E4600
  • K404
  • K7
  • K9 (Rave)
  • K10 (Royale)
  • K122
  • K127 (Marbl)
  • K132
  • K310
  • K320
  • K325 (Cyclops)
  • K342
  • K352
  • K612 (Strobe)
  • K612B (Switch Back)
  • KX1v (SoHo)
  • KX12
  • KX160
  • KX2 (Koi)
  • KX414
  • KX444
  • KX5 (Slider Remix)
  • KX5B (Slider Sonic)
  • KX9
  • KX9D (Oystr)
  • M1000 (Lingo/Wild Card/Wild Card SE)
  • S1000
  • S1600
  • S4000 (Mako)
  • S2400 (Adreno)
  • SE47
  • QCP-1135
  • QCP-2035
  • QCP-2119
  • QCP-2255
  • QCP-2345
  • QCP-3035
  • QCP-6035

Phone Maintenance

Service Menu

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