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Below are error and log codes specific to iDEN and Nextel.

Dispatch call errors

  • Abnormal release, unspecified
  • Abnormal release, channel unacceptable
  • Abnormal release, timer expired
  • User aborted the dispatch call
  • Call originator out of sync with the network (this forces the SU to reregister)
  • Call originator out of sync with the network (this forces the SU to reregister)
  • Call originator out of sync with its talkgroup
  • A call participant reconnected into a cell without a voice channel
  • Private Call listener SU loses outbound synch on the TCH, the listener SU comes back into service, and then it attempts to reestablish the Private Call. The listener SU displays “Network Trouble” if the talker SU is still talking or the hang timer has not expired.
  • DAP does not have any PD available for call assignment
  • Two users press the Push-To-Talk button at the same time
  • There is queuing on the site and the target user attempts to call back the originator
  • A private call request is inadvertently processed by a serving cell’s frequency reuse partner (sometimes seen on control stations)
  • DAP is overloaded and is rejecting calls to reduce load
  • DAP attempted to probe peer DAPs within urban area to locate target, and a peer DAP didn't respond
  • Call was queued for the maximum amount of time and never acquired voice channels to start the call
  • The DAP didn’t receive the first BOT message for a call
  • A call participant lost its voice channel (i.e., RSRC_LOST)
  • Duplicate page response received from different
  • Network out of order: The SU registered on the DAP successfully. After the radio registered theACG-DAP link goes down. While the ACG-DAP link remains down, the SU will get this message when it attempts dispatch calls.
  • (SR9.8 DAP) peer DAP not available (link down) for an inter-DAP call attempt

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