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Stainless steel classification based on room temperature microstructure and named. We know that the microstructure of pure iron ferrite. Human invention in the production practice iron carbon alloy: Steel. Adjust the carbon content of steel and alloy elements on the line became thousands of different nature and characteristics of the steel to meet the material needs of human beings.

Austenite: Interstitial solid solution of carbon dissolved in gamma-Fe in the the common symbols A means. It remains gamma-Fe of the face-centered cubic lattice. Its ability to dissolve carbon, dissolved carbon at 727 ℃ for ωc = 0.77%, 1148 ° C, soluble carbon, 2.11%. Austenite at high temperature greater than 727 ° C to stabilize the organization exists. Austenitic good plasticity, the vast majority of steels at high temperature pressure processing required by the organization. So why austenite can be obtained in the room temperature this low temperature environment? The reason is that the austenitic stainless steel containing a large number of expanded austenite region alloying elements Ni (nickel), inhibit the generation of ferrite and nickel, so that the microstructure of the steel at room temperature austenite. Such steel outer the acid corrosive media in addition to the oxidation resistance, containing elements such as Mo, Cu, but also the ability of sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, and formic acid, acetic acid, urea, etc. corrosion. Ferrite: Ferritic c was dissolved in a gap formed in the alpha-Fe in solid solution, having a body-centered cubic crystal structure, indicated with the letter F or alpha. Organization of ferrite-based stainless steel. Chromium content of 11% to 30%, has a body-centered cubic crystal structure. Type of steel generally do not contain nickel (Ni), and sometimes also contains a small amount of Mo, Ti, Nb wait until the element type of steel with thermal conductivity, expansion coefficient, good oxidation resistance, excellent resistance to stress corrosion characteristics, and more for manufacturing resistance to atmospheric water vapor, water and oxidizing acid corrosion of parts. The presence of this type of steel poor plasticity, ductility and corrosion resistance after welding significantly reduced and other shortcomings, thus limiting its application.

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