How to flash with RSD lite

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Before I begin:

YOU MUST GOOGLE RSD lite as links are not allowed here.

1. Download the flash/flex/monsterpack/DRM/and so on and unzip or unrar the files on to your computer:

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2. Plug the phone to the cable and open RSD lite. The program shoud auto-detect the phone. If not disconnect the cable close RSD lite and put the phone into Bootloader by turning it off and then press the * # & Power buttons at the same time. Then press the box that looks like ......:

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3. A popup box will come up and you will have to navigate to where you put the file to flash. Once found click Open:

4. Now click Start. If you noticed the phone is in bootloader mode by the green check mark. (In the black square) Let the program run and DO NOT touch it or move it in anyway during the flashing process. Once completed the program should restart the phone and if successful it should say Finished and a PASS in the line field.

Sometimes I have noticed that the program fails with some LP reflashes. Before you panic remove the battery, wait a few minutes and try and turn on the phone. This works sometimes and sometimes not. If not it's Monsterpack or Reflash time and follow the instructions again.

Also this is the same method for flexing. Only that you must disconnect the phone and replace the battery as the phone does not auto restart? (For me at least).

I hope this helps!!

Source(s): flash solutions

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