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Successor to the HTC Magician, the HTC Wizard features a slide-out keyboard, integrated Wi-Fi, Windows Mobile version 5, and a slew of other usability enhancements and fixes.

The improvements come at a cost: The Wizard is 30% thicker than the Magician albeit measuring the same width, height and a similar weight.

As with most HTC devices, the Wizard is rembranded by a slew of different retailers and can be found under the names of i-Mate K-Jam, Qtek 9100, O2 Xda mini S, Orange SPV M3000 ,T-Mobile MDA Vario, Dopod 838, Cingular 8100/8125 and Vodafone VPA II compact. See chart for details.


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Be sure you only install Windows Mobile 5.0 compatible software into your mobile to avoid problems. Non-compatible software may cause your mobile to crash and you may be unable to start it. In such situation only a hardreset will bring your mobile back to life again.

It's preferrable to make backups of your mobile at regular basis.

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Source(s): HTC Software solutions

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These should work fine on a WM5 mobile:

Tips and Tricks

Your user experience with your mobile can be made a lot easier with a few tips and tricks.

Reported Bugs and Issues

These errors were reported by HTC Wizard users on Pocket PC section. They are listed in the order in which they were submitted to the list. The number following the description of each bug/issue indicates how many times the bug/issue was reported.

1. Pressing the 'SEND' (Green phone) button in the Contacts application fails to dial some contacts. (4)

2. The keyboard and camera return the screen orientation to portrait mode, even if the screen was set to landscape mode prior to entering the camera application or opening the keyboard. This is a hassle for anyone who wants to use their device in landscape mode more than portrait mode. (2)

3. Keyboard backlight does not stay on long enough and there is no way to adjust this. (5)

4. Alarms do not repeat they just beep once and show on the screen. This happens even when "repeat" is selected in Sounds & Notification; unlike on HTC BlueAngel, where it would repeat until the user took action, either snooze or dismiss. (2)

5. END button has a slow reaction time when ending a call (almost 1 second). And sometimes it requires more than one press to respond. (5)

6. Camera application has failed twice in some cases. The image preview window shows the camera open, but when trying to take a picture, error "Unable to capture. Failed to set up the camera device. 36001:102:0." is produced. (3)

7. There is no way to hide SIM contacts from appearing in the Contacts section. This often causes duplicate entries in the Contacts section. (4)

8. When Wizard left on computer USB charger, then a text message is received, the device turns on and doesn't turn back off. Only the backlight turns off. The screen stays on even though it was configured in the system options to be turned off. After this happens, the device performance becomes sluggish until all applications are stopped via 'stop all' in memory control panel. (1)

9. There are only a few levels of screen brightness, even with lowest brightness level, the screen can be brighter than needed. (3)

10. With the handsfree speaker phone, there distortion on the receiving end (6)

11. It seems that GPRS looses its IP after 5-6 hours. GPRS shows that its connected but it won't move any internet traffic. Emails stop coming because it cant connect to the internet. To fix this, GPRS has to be disconnected by pressing and holding the "End" button, and then reconnecting. (6)

12. No convenient way to turn on GPRS without launching an internet application (2)

13. Whenever the speakerphone is activated upon receiving a call, the call gets dropped. Typically the phone then locks up and needs to be soft reset. Callers say they get strange busy signal and call does not go to voicemail. (4)

14. Caller-ID call-waiting doesn't seem to work. When I am on a call, I can hear that another call is coming in but when i select swap to pick up the call, the 2nd call is dropped. (1)

15. Windows Media Player loses it's connection to the MiniSD card during a suspend/resume cycle. (Play some music in Windows Media Player, pause the song, power off/suspend for some time, power back on.. Windows Media Player will show the previous song but then go blank after a second or two.) (1)

16. There's no way to navigate the Windows Media Player Library interface with only hardware buttons (unless you open the keyboard). The up/down and action buttons work, but the left button should be assigned as "back" and the right button should go forward. (If you have the keyboard open, the backspace key will go back.) (1)

17. WM5 Help application was not updated for use with WM5 softkeys (1)

18. Terminal Services Client was not updated for use with WM5 softkeys (still uses legacy design.) (1)

19. Battery control panel cannot be navigated with the directional pad (focus will not transfer to lower tabs.) (2)

20. Windows Media Player screen toggle does not stay off when changing tracks. (1)

21. Microsoft Voice Command 1.5 does not recognize any Media Player library as existing unless Windows Media Player is running. (1)

22. Re-registering on the GSM network (even in manual mode) is much slower than other Pocket PC phones such as the i-mate JAM. (1)

23. Contact photos do not appear in email/text messaging notifications (like they do in phone call notifications), however they do appear in the Messaging application when the messages are viewed there. (1)

24. When Microsoft Voice Command 1.5 begins announcing a Calendar event, the announcement does not stop when "Dismiss" is pressed. There's no way to stop the audible announcement. (1)

25. Caller ringtones specified in the Contacts application are not synced or saved in Outlook 2003. (1)

26. KJAM's MMS composer does not support soft keys. This is an obvious application bug where it was not updated for WM5. (1)

27. Connections don't show up in the Connectivity bubble on the title bar icon. I have a T-Mobile USA GPRS connection set up in the connections control panel, but it doesn't show up in the Connectivity bubble unless it's connected. (1)

28. IMAP and Exchange email accounts do not synchronize DRAFT folders at all. Exchange accounts don't synchronize Sent Items folders properly. Not all Sent Items appear in the WM5 Sent Items folder. (1)

29. Call timers don't register the right durations. Only part of the time is logged in the history. The timer log was not reset. (1)

30. Calendar alarms/reminders do not wake the phone up when it's gone to sleep. This results in many missed calendar alarms, meetings, etc. and significantly reduces its functionality as a PDA (3)

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