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Fido Solutions


To setup your GPRS connection, assuming you have setup data on your Fido account

Go to: start menu/settings/connections/connections/add a new modem connection

Enter a name of your choice.

From the dropdown box choose: Cellular line (GPRS) -Now tap next

The APN is : -Now tap next

Username: fido

Password: fido -Now tap finish

Source(s): Features Support

Windows Mobile 6 Professional based devices

Some phones are a bit more complex. Follow these instructions for Windows Mobile based devices. Please note that windows mobile based devices do not qualify for the unlimited browsing option advertised as "Unlimited On Device Browsing". These instructions are confirmed for Windows Mobile 6 Professional based devices.

Step 1:

Press start and choose Settings

Step 2:

In Settings press the Connections Tab

Step 3:

Find the icon labeled Connections and tap it.

Step 4:

Detour: Confirming which connection to use.

  a)  Tap the Advanced tab 
  b)  Tap the Select Networks button
  c)  In the first section for programs that automatically connect to the Internet note down which one is selected here, we will use this later.  The private network setting can be left alone.
  d)  without making any changes to this screen, press the ok button and then press the tab labeled tasks at the bottom.

Step 5:

In the Detour, you located which connection is used to auto connect to the internet. This should be listed in the tasks tab. Depending on if your phone is already setup or not, you will either have 1 or 2 links below this heading. We are going to assume that the phone your using has not been setup to use GPRS. Click the Add a new modem connection link.

Step 6:

The first screen in the wizard asks for a name for the connection and what modem your going to use. I entered Fido 3G as the name of my own connection, but you can feel free to name yours what you want to name it. The modem you select should be Cellular Line (GPRS). In many cases there will be an additional option Cellular Line (GPRS, 3G) and that one should be selected if its available. Tap Next.

Step 7:

The phone now wants an Access Point Name. This should be Tap Next.

Step 8.

The username on this page should be fido, the password should be fido. The domain (which is not in the other instructions) is Fido will tell you it should be and I can tell you that those addresses are the same thing. The Advanced button on this screen can be safely ignored, as it is primarily used for connecting to work based networks and not fido Internet.

Step 9:

Press Finish and then the ok button in the top right corner and you'll be dropped back to the main screen.

Test your settings by running your browser and trying to surf to your favorite page. (this will cost you if you don't have the right kind of data plan).

Source(s): Windows Mobile 6 Professional based devices

Official Material

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International calling and roaming

Fido's International Roaming Coverage

Fido's International Roaming Rates

Fido's International calling rates from Canada

International Messaging Compatibility

For now, only International Text Messages from a Fido phone are possible. Multimedia Messaging (MMS) isn't possible. Here is the list of countries where Text messages can be sent.

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