Converting from prepaid billing to postpaid monthly billing

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To convert a prepaid account to a postpaid monthly billed account you need to call customer care (*8646 or 1-877-778-2106.)

Tell the customer care representative that you wish to convert your prepaid account to a monthly billed account.

They will connect you with the activations department. Activations will run a credit check to see what your credit status is. If your credit is satisfactory they will approve your request to have the account converted from prepaid to postpaid monthly billed. On your first statement you will be billed $35.00 for an activation fee. You will be committed to a one year term of service. If you cancel service before your term is fulfilled you will be charged an early termination fee (ETF.)

If you are new to credit and don't have a sufficiently high credit score you may qualify for "smart access" service. You will be charged a $75 up front non-refundable fee. Also understand that not all rate plans may be available to you as a smart access subscriber. After a year of being a smart access subscriber if you have a good record of paying your charges on time you will be removed from "smart access" status and will be considered a regular subscriber and will be eligible for all plans.

If you have a less than stellar credit record with problems you may be charged a refundable deposit of $250 to $500 depending on your credit report which will be refunded after a year of good monthly payments.

To convert your account it may take 24 to 48 hours.

If you have any credit in your prepaid account any balance you have will be lost and not credited to you.

Source(s): Prepaid billing solutions

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