Cingular GPRS/EDGE Settings

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Cingular Phone Settings for MediaNet (GPRS/EDGE)

Settings Name: Cingular

Home Page: http://device:home or http://device.home

Session Mode: Permanent

Connection Security: On

APN: wap.cingular (lower case)

PDP_Type: IP

Gateway IP Address:

Authentication Type: Secure

Login Type: Automatic

User Name: [email protected] (All upper case)

Password: CINGULAR1 (All upper case)

In some cases you can use the following phone # as opposed to the Gateway: *99***1#

Source(s): GPRS/EDGE Settings

Configuring your Phone for Data

If you need help configuring your phones, check the Cingular tutorials to help you configure your phone: In many cases it is possible to automatically send the configuration directly to your phone. To do this, login to My Account and scroll to Phone/Device and click on Support. Select your phone brand and model, click Next and then you will see several options. Under Device Setup, if you see a link for Auto configure device for MEdia Services. Click there and follow the directions to automatically your phone. Please note that autoconfiguration is not available for all phone models. Password: CINGULAR1 (All upper case)

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