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General Info

· CORs are done over the phone for regular consumer accounts and offline by Business Care for all business/government accounts.

· Only the billing responsible party may agree to a COR, other parties may not, even if they fully verify.

· The original memo starting the COR process is only valid for 30 days.

· If a deposit is required, it has to be paid before the COR will be completed. That doesn't mean that it has to post to the account, just that it has to be noted that it has been paid.

For the Existing Customer

· You are still responsible for any charges on the account until the new customer's account is set up. Once the COR is complete, you will not be liable for a ETF on this line.

· You cannot transfer any balance to the new customer's account.

· The Activations Department will cancel the line on your account, and activate a new account for the new customer.

· If you want to restart service within 90 days, you must re-open the original account (This means that you cannot do a COR, and then go right out and get new customer prices again.)

For the New Customer

· Activations will preform a credit check on you.

· You must agree to the terms and conditions for the remaining length of the existing contract. A copy of these will be mailed to the customer within seven days of activation.

· There is no buyer's remorse period on a COR.

· You are not eligible for promotional plans unless they agree to a 12 month contract term.

· You do not have to pay any activation fee.

· If your credit qualifies you as a SmartAccess account, they you may not retain the current customer's rate plan or features, but are only held to the remainder of the contract length on the existing customer's account. You will not be charged the $75 activation fee.

If your credit is run and you qualify as a FlexPay customer, you may not do the COR if the number is coming from a regular postpaid account. There is NO migration between regular and FlexPay accounts.

· If there is a grandfathered or closed rate plan or feature on the account, you can keep it if you would like to (Does not apply to SmartAccess accounts).

· May reuse SIM card, GSM handset, and mobile number.

· You are responsible for all charges to the account billed after they are entered into our billing system, which may include charges incurred by the existing customer (These could include late bill-ables such as international roaming)

· Not eligible for a handset upgrade with rebate until they have established tenure.(If you want a new phone and the line is even partially eligible, preform the upgrade before the COR, you start fresh with zero tenure afterwards).

Source(s): Change of Responsibility

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