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Is this page extremely out of date?

Yes. Extremely. Please refer to the Boost forums for any questions regarding the phones that are too new to be mentioned here.


Why don't the reps just activate my phone the first time? Why doesn't Boost have BIS? Why can't I use my Palm Pre? Why isn't roaming allowed?

Be happy with what they give us. We could have a helluva lot less, really fast. Serious. Happened at T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T and even Page Plus . What makes us so special? ~fonesfonz

This is a privilege. The more you complain or post questions or instructions on Boost Mobile's own Facebook page, the more likely this privilege will be taken away. So, in short, don't complain about the services because we are not paying for those extra services.

Don't download gigabytes of data with your phone. If too many people abuse the service, it's likely we'll all someday face severe new restrictions on which devices we can use and/or how much data we can transfer.

Source(s): Boost:CDMA FAQ

What plans are available?

There are 3 plans available. Telecom taxes are now included in these prices. There might still be local sales tax on refill cards.

  • Pay As You Go - $0.10 per minute for voice, $0.10 per SMS. The Boost Browser on a Boost-branded phone ("wireless web" service) is $0.35 per day. 3rd-party apps get data access for no extra fee.
  • $50 - UNLTD Unlimited talk, SMS, MMS, data, web
  • $60 - UNLTD Blackberry (available for the Boost BlackBerry 8330) - Unlimited talk, text, mms, web and BIS

The Pay As You Go and $50/month Unlimited plans are available on all Boost CDMA phones EXCEPT the Boost Blackberry 8330.

Where is Boost CDMA service available?

Boost coverage is a slightly smaller subset of Sprint's native coverage. See the Boost CDMA coverage map. However, Boost CDMA is not sold into a few markets even though there is coverage. In those areas, you will not be able to get a local number. In those areas, it may also not be possible to port in a number local to that area. Some people have reported getting around that problem by first porting to Boost iDEN, and then migrating to Boost CDMA.

Source(s): Boost:CDMA FAQ

How do I activate service?

To start new service using a Boost-branded CDMA phone:

  1. You will need the DEC ESN or DEC MEID of an inactive Boost-branded phone (found on a sticker under the battery). See the list of Boost-branded phones. You cannot start new service with a Sprint-branded phone.
  2. To activate a used phone, you must call Boost customer service at 1-877-TLK-MORE.

    If your phone is new, it can be activated at

    If you want to port your old phone number to the Boost account, you must do so at activation time. You cannot port a number into an existing account at a later time.

    There is a $10 re-activation fee for activating a previously used phone.

Is it possible to use other phones on Boost CDMA?

Yes, with exceptions. See the list of confirmed phones, below.

Keep in mind that Sprint phones are not officially supported by Boost. Don't call Boost support for an issue related to a Sprint phone.

Sprint-exclusive phones cannot be activated on Boost CDMA:

  • HTC Hero
  • Palm Pre
  • Palm Pixi
  • EDIT* can now put these phones FULLY working on boost mobile.

  • HTC Hero
  • HTC EVO 4G
  • HTC EVO 3D

also they are updating their Services to offer almost any phone on boost mobile and are working to have the Sprint iPhone 4S on Boost Mobile.

Source(s): Boost:CDMA FAQ

What about non-Sprint phones?

Boost uses the same ESN database as Sprint, which limits the phones on the network to Sprint branded phones. Flashing a phone to Sprint firmware/OS will not matter because the ESN of the phone is the deciding factor.

Can I use an Android phone on Boost CDMA?

The Motorola I1 (iDEN network) and the Samsung Prevail (CDMA network) are available. But there are some phones such as the Sprint Touch, Touch Pro, Touch Pro2, etc. into which hobbyist builds of Android can be flashed. [1]

Can I use a Sprint BlackBerry on Boost CDMA?

Yes! The Sprint 8330, 8830, and Tour all work on Boost Pay-As-You-Go and $50/month Unlimited. You must transfer custom service books to the phone to enable the browser and MMS. You will not have BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service), which means no BlackBerry Messenger. But pretty much all other functions of the phone will work. If you want BIS with Boost, your only option is to buy the Boost-branded 8330 and use it on the $60/month BlackBerry plan. You can't use a Sprint BlackBerry on the $60/month BlackBerry plan.

User deathtrip has posted service books for enabling the browser and MMS in Sprint BlackBerries: [2]

Can I use a Windows Mobile phone such as the Touch Pro?

Yes, with exceptions. See the list of confirmed phones, below.

The HTC phones are all Windows Mobile, as well as the Motorola Q and Q9c, and the Samsung Intrepid.

How to use a Sprint phone on Boost CDMA service

If you want to start with a Boost CDMA account:

  1. If you already have active Boost CDMA service, skip to step 3.

    If you don't already have Boost CDMA service, Follow the activation instructions, above. You will need the DEC ESN or DEC MEID of an inactive Boost-branded phone. The phone need not be in your physical possession. You can temporarily borrow an inactive ESN to do this (
  2. Use the phone. If you have the phone in your physical possession, make a call. If you borrowed an ESN, call your Boost phone number and leave voice mail
  3. Once you have established a Boost CDMA account, you can swap to your Sprint phone onto the account. Call Boost Customer Service and tell them you want to put a new phone on the account. They'll ask for the DEC ESN of the new phone. You can either lie and tell them it's a Boost Mobile phone, or tell them it's a Sprint phone. Both methods have been reported to work. You just need to find a rep who doesn't notice or doesn't care that you are trying to activate a Sprint phone. Keep in mind that Boost does not officially support Sprint phones, so the rep might not do it. Just BE PATIENT. You might have to call 3-4 times to find a rep that will do it. If they don't do it, thank them and go on about your business...remember, they are just following their rules. After they put the phone's ESN into the account, they will provide you with programming instructions, including a 6-digit MSL and a 10-digit MSID(IMSI) Save the codes! You may need them.

    Boost has given their reps specific instructions about how to handle BlackBerries, so you may encounter more difficulty activating a BlackBerry. If the rep tells you that you'll need the $60/month BlackBerry plan, tell them that you don't care about BlackBerry service and you just want to use it like a normal phone on pay-as-you-go or $50/month-unlimited. Or just call back and find a different rep who doesn't notice or care that you are trying to activate a BlackBerry.

    As of around April 11th, 2010 the ability to manage your phone and swap ESNs on no longer works.

If you want to start with a Boost iDEN account and migrate it to Boost CDMA:

  1. If you already have a Boost iDEN account, skip to step 2.

    If you do not already have a Boost iDEN account, you will need the IMEI of an iDEN phone, and an inactive Boost Mobile SIM card or a an unused Boost Mobile starter kit (with SIM ID and activation number). The phone need not be in your physical possession. A Boost phone IMEI should work; a Nextel phone IMEI may or may not work. Motorola iDEN phones all have model numbers starting with the letter 'i'.

    Activate new service using the SIM card or starter kit. If you use a previously used SIM card or you don't have an unused activation number, you need to call Boost customer service. The web site can only be used for activating with an unused starter kit. A $10 fee applies for re-activation of a previously used Boost SIM card.
  2. Call Boost customer service and tell them that you want to switch to a different phone. They'll ask what kind of phone it is: tell them it is a CDMA phone, with no SIM card.
  3. Follow the remainder of step 3, above.

Source(s): Boost:CDMA FAQ

How to program your phone

After putting your phone's ESN onto the account, the rep should have given you a 6-digit MSL and a 10-digit MSID. If not, call Boost back and ask for help programming your phone.

  1. Dial ##, and then the phone's 6-digit MSL, and then press call button.
  2. A programming menu appears.
  3. Enter your phone number in the first line.
  4. Enter the account MSID as IMS_S
  5. Press menu key and save.
  6. Done. Your phone will restart itself.

At this point your phone should be able to make and receive calls. SMS should begin working completely over the next day or two.

Source(s): Boost:CDMA FAQ

How to provision data service on your phone

Note that it can take up to 72 hours after account creation or an ESN swap before you can do a successful data profile update.

Assuming you have already programmed your phone (calling is working):

  1. On your phone, go to Settings, Data, Profile Update

It will take several seconds. At the conclusion of the profile update, data access should be working. Try the phone's web browser.

Note that data profile updates will not work on Boost for a handful of Sprint phones, preventing data access. See the list of phones, below.

Source(s): Boost:CDMA FAQ

BlackBerry programming instructions

After adding your BlackBerry's ESN to your Boost account, the rep should have given you a 6-digit code, with instructions to enter that code into your phone by dialing something similar to ##123456#. That number is your phone's MSL. They also should have given you a 10-digit number that looks like a phone number, but is not actually your phone number. That is your Boost account's MSID/IMSI.

Dial ## and then your MSL, and then press the call button. (On the BlackBerry you don't use a final # like you do for most phones) If you entered the correct MSL, a programming screen appears. Enter your 10-digit phone number into the first field. Enter your 10-digit MSID into the second field. Press the menu button. Press Save. Your phone will reboot. At this point you should be able to make and receive calls.

Your phone may provision data access automatically, but if it doesn't, go to Applications, Manage Connections, press the menu button, and then select Provision. '1XEV' will appear in the upper-right of your screen after data is provisioned successfully (assuming you are in an EV-DO coverage area)

Remember that you also need to install custom service books to be able to use the BlackBerry Browser.

I live in a 4G area...Does Boost have 4G???

Perhaps. Nobody knows yet, since there are no current phones that can be Boosted that support 4G. Boost, however, does have unlimited EVDO-A, which supports speeds of 600Kbps - 1,400Kbps.

Google Voice Integration

  • You can forward your Google Voice number and SMSs to a Boost phone, just like any other phone.
  • Use a web browser on your phone to access
  • Boost Mobile does not let you configure conditional call forwarding, which means there is no way to have Google Voice voice mail replace Boost voice mail for when someone calls your Boost number and you don't answer. Of course Google Voice voice mail still works for when someone calls your Google Voice number and you don't answer.
  • Boost does not support dialing with the + key, which means the official Google Voice apps for BlackBerry and Android can't be used for dialing out through Google Voice. 3rd-party Google Voice and calling-card-type dialing apps will work when configured to dial out through your Google Voice number.
  • Blackberry: Official Google Voice app for messages; several 3rd-party paid apps for dialing
  • Android: Official Google Voice app for messages; Flex Dialer Lite for dialing
  • Windows Mobile: Google Voice Easy SMS for messages; iDialer for dialing


If you can't get the latest official Gmail Mobile app (from to install on your Sprint dumb phone, try Gmail 1.5.0 from in your phone's browser.

Is roaming available?

Yes, roaming is included at no additional cost. [3]

I'm having an issue with my phone...what do I do?

DO NOT CALL BOOST CUSTOMER SERVICE/TECH SUPPORT if you have a Sprint phone. They do not support any phone other than Boost branded phones.

Search HowardForums. READ. If you cannot find the answer, ask. Yes, the threads are long, but there is no reason to create a new post to ask a question that has been answered 102,368 times already.

Phones confirmed as working on Boost CDMA

Boost-branded phones:

  • Motorola C290 (1x)
  • Motorola W385 (1x)
  • Motorola KRZR k1m (Rev-0)
  • Blackberry 8330 (Rev-0)
  • Sanyo Mirro (1x)
  • Samsung Incognito (Rev-0)
  • Samsung Rant (Rev-0)
  • Sanyo Juno

Sprint-branded phones: (not officially supported)

  • BlackBerry
    • Blackberry Pearl 8130
    • Blackberry 8330 curve (Rev-0)
    • Blackberry 8830 World Edition (Rev-0)
    • Blackberry 9630 Tour (Rev-A)
  • HTC
    • HTC DIAMOND (Rev-A)
    • HTC Mogul 6800 (Rev-A)
    • HTC Snap (Rev-A)
    • Sprint Touch (HTC Vogue) 6900 (Rev-A)
    • HTC TOUCH PRO (Rev-A)
    • HTC TOUCH PRO2 (Rev-A) - Not every phone works with every Boost account. You just need to try with a Boost rep
  • LG
    • LG Lotus
    • LG Muziq (I couldn't get a data profile update to work. Is it just me?)
    • LG Rumor
    • LG Rumor2
  • Motorola
    • Motorola Rzr (Rev-0)
    • Motorola Q (Rev-0)
    • Motorola Q9c (Rev-0)
  • Palm
    • Palm Centro (Rev-A)
    • Palm Treo 650
    • Palm Treo 700p
    • Palm Treo 700wx
    • Palm Treo 755p
    • Palm 800W (one user has stated that they have not been able to get data working "without extensive hacking")
    • Palm Treo Pro 850
  • Samsung
    • Samsung Instinct M800 (Rev-A)
    • Samsung Instinct M810 S30 (Rev-A)
    • Samsung Intrepid (Rev-A) - Not every phone works with every Boost account. You just need to try with a Boost rep.
    • Samsung Exclaim 550 (Rev-0)
    • Samsung Highnote (Rev-0)
    • Samsung Rant (Rev-0)
  • Sanyo
    • Sanyo KATANA ECLIPSE (Rev-A)
    • Sprint Sanyo Incognito

EV-DO Revision A, compared to EV-DO Revision 0, is about 25% faster downloading and 6 times as fast uploading. Both are considered 3G, and are much faster than CDMA 1xRTT. (Theoretical max technology speeds listed according to Wikipedia -- Rev0: 2,457kbits Download/153kbits Upload -- RevA: 3,100kbits Download/1,800kbits Upload -- 1xRTT: 153kbits Download/Unknown Upload.)



Another tip: If you need support for your Sprint branded phone on Boost you should make an account on using you Boost number and use their help section. It will be customized to your currently activated phone with any issues you might have. Calling Boost isn't an option but you might be able to get it done through there.

On Exclusive phones

It can be assumed that past versions of an exclusive will remain exclusive to Sprint. For instance: The Samsung Instinct is going through its 3rd Revision.

The first model, the SPH-M800 even though not being sold by Sprint anymore as it was replaced by the SPH-M850 (or commonly known as the S30) is still considered a Sprint exclusive, thus forbidden for use on Boost's service. The same can be assume of future Revision (Instinct HD for instance). The WHOLE line is forbidden on the Boost service.

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