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Basic Facts About the Electric Cigarettes

Some misconceptions have to be cleared regarding the electronic cigarette. There are just too many articles and rumors going around regarding these gadgets. Some of the articles talk about some facts but there are really a lot which are based on pure speculation. The following are a few truths or basic facts about electric cigarettes.

One: this is an electronic gadget which can provide nicotine into the body but without the usual side effects as the nicotine from burning tobacco.

Two: there is no actual burning going on here. The lighted tip of the electric cigarette is a result of a cleverly crafted LED light effect. This is to give the look of the gadget a reality which many smokers look for.

Three: propylene glycol is added with the water which is then filled into the atomizer. It is this compound which allows for the steam to look like the real smoke seen on regular cigarettes. It is very safe to use and has been FDA approved. It is the same compound used in sour creams, salad dressings, ice creams, milk formula and other processed food. This is not ethylene glycol that is toxic and is most often confused with.

Four: the electric cigarette starter kit is the most obvious first purchase choice for all of the parts are included; there are even nicotine cartridges and extra atomizers. The lithium battery charger is also included. The best type of kit to buy is the two-part kit which is the more convenient and low maintenance gadget.

Fifth: compare to the regular cigarettes, the part which is placed on the lips never need to get cleaned or mushy. This is because every time there is a change of nicotine cartridge the inhalation piece is also changed.

Sixth: tobacco bits in the regular cigarettes have to be burned before they can be enjoyed and yet they contain over tobacco bits in the regular cigarettes have to be burned before they can be enjoyed and yet they contain over 4000 types of toxic substances which can enter the mouth cavity and get absorbed into the soft tissues. These toxic chemicals are the real cause of the tobacco-related diseases. The electric cigarette gadgets do not involve burning of real tobacco, they just look like they are because of the LED light and the water vapor which look like real smoke. No toxins are found within the device itself which can get into the bloodstream.

Seventh: since its release in 2003, there have been no other devices which can rival the function and effectivity of the fake e cigarettes. This can be used for leisure and as an anti-smoking tool for those who want to wean off their nicotine dependence. When used as such, they do not result to the painful withdrawal symptoms.

Eighth: some of these electric cigarettes are marketed as anti-smoking gadgets, but they are in fact made for those who wish to continue smoking and yet not cause any others to fall victim to second hand smoke. However, because the cartridges are available in graduated levels of nicotine strength and the zero nicotine cartridges, this can be used as an aid to gradually wean off cigarette smoking.

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