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In order to activate a pre-paid account on T-Mobile ToGo you will require:

  1. A GSM phone which is either locked to T-Mobile or which is unlocked.
  2. An activation kit which includes an unused SIM and an activation code.
    1. To activate you'll need: An activation code, the IMEI (serial number), know which area code you wish, your date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy), the city nearest you and your preferred language.

Sources of pre-paid activation kits:

  1. Sold as part of a T-Mobile ToGo "Starter Kit" which also includes a phone. May be purchased directly from T-Mobile or from retailers which include
    1. WalMart
    2. Target
    3. Staples
    4. (Note that it is frequently cheaper to buy the "Starter Kit" with a cheap phone such as a Nokia 6010 from WalMart or Target than to buy just the activation kit from T-Mobile.)
  2. Purchase an activation kit directly from T-Mobile. The T-Mobile SIM activation kit is available directly from T-Mobile for $9.99 (normal price) and includes 10 minutes of airtime. (as of Feb 2008.) An on-line discount may also be available making the kit less ex: $4.99 (Apr 2008), $6.99 (Jan 2009)
  3. Purchase an activation kit from ebay which has not previously been activated for around $15-20. These are not as widely available as the preactivated SIMs which often go for around $10 with 150 minutes on them. Since TMobile no longer offers these, you can't find them on Ebay.
  4. Current promotion (1/2009) is to give newly activated pre-paid accounts three $10 refill bonuses over the course of two months (see below). It appears it doesn't matter how old or where the "Starter Kit" is purchased/obtained; the three $10 credits will be applied ($10 x 3 = $30, $10 = 30 minutes x 3 = 90 minutes total). Credits are good for 90 days or can be extended if credits are added via per-paid card.
    1. "Get a $30 bonus in prepaid refill minutes when you activate a new prepaid line between November 15, 2008 through January 15, 2009!"
    2. "Prepaid line must remain active for 2 months. $10 refill will be applied at activation, $10 refill will be applied one month from activation, and $10 refill will be applied two months from activation. Offer subject to change and available only through purchase of Prepaid device and qualified T-Mobile To Go Service plan." Current Prepaid Terms
  5. You may also purchase a preactivated SIM from some sources such as ebay. The preactivated SIM will have an area code / phone number already assigned. You may be able to change it to a local number.
  6. You can also go to a T-Mobile CORPORATE store to purchase and activate a SIM card if you already have an unlocked (or T-mobile branded) GSM phone. The cost is $10.80 and it comes with 10 minutes.

To activate a phone once you have the activation kit, you can either call 1-877-778-2107 or do it on-line at .

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