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- Uses the Rogers GSM network.
- Local calls are 20-25¢/min depending on the denomination of airtime top-up. Long distance within Canada and US is 20¢/min on top of the local airtime charge. Long distance to overseas varies from country to country.
- Coverage is within Canada only. There is no roaming in the US or elsewhere.
- SMS text messages are 5¢ to send within Canada, 10¢ to the US, 25¢ overseas.
- Incoming text messages are 5¢.

- 911 charge is 99¢/month. There are no other monthly charges like an SAF.
- Voicemail is free to receive but incurs standard airtime if you call from your SpeakOut phone. You can access Voicemail free of charge from a landline.
- Simple, intuitive 611 menu.
- You can port a phone number from another cell provider like Rogers, Bell or Telus for free.

Source(s): 7-11 Speak Out

- Airtime top-ups come in $25, $50, $75 and $100 denominations.
- $75 and $100 top-ups use local airtime at the 20¢/min rate but $25 and $50 top-ups use it at 25¢/min.
- All top-ups extend airtime by 365 days.
- Top-ups must be activated within 90 days of purchase.
- Airtime must be purchased at 7-Eleven stores. You cannot buy airtime online or over the phone.

- Several Nokia phones are available from 7-Eleven. They are all "low-end" but perfectly functional.
- Phones sold by 7-Eleven for SpeakOut are unlocked.
- SIM cards cannot be purchased separately.
- SIM cards can be used in any unlocked 850/1900 GSM phone or phones locked to Rogers (but not Fido.)
- You get $5 starter airtime with each phone.

- 7-Eleven offers monthly promotions. See Official 7-Eleven Canada SpeakOut for the current deal.

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LINK : cuu ho giao thong cham soc xe bao hiem oto do choi oto oto du lich sapa

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